Top 10 Auto Accident Lawyers Or Counselor Worldwide
Current Date:July 28, 2021
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Top 10 Auto Accident Lawyers Or Counselor Worldwide

Auto accidents are a daily occurrence which causes death, personal injury and property damage. According to WHO, around 1.35 million victims die due to car crashes every day. Another data shows that 20-30 million people suffer injury from road accidents which result in permanent disability sometimes.

So, this type of occurrence raises few legal obligations like fine, penalty, insurance claim etc. When this type of obligation is raised, a person needs to go through difficult situations. If any positive pretext isn’t shown, a person may be convicted and get a punishment. Therefore, handling everything smoothly, an experienced lawyer should be appointed.

A counselor can help to rescue from a significant penalty, recover losses, compensation etc. Even they can help with insurance claims as well. In every country, legal representatives or lawyers are available. Here we will share the top 10 auto accident lawyers who deal with accident and injury matters.

10 Best Auto Accident Lawyers Globally

Most of the lawyer or solicitor works in a law firm. That means if anyone would like to hire any lawyer, they have to contact a law firm. The reason is the lawyers most of the time work in groups. The law firm is the group of solicitors who practise in many areas of law. A client can choose a lawyer from a particular area that he needs.But anyone can directly contact a lawyer if he has contact details. However, here we have listed the law firm, where the lawyers work and experienced in this area accident and injury.

Panish Shea And Boyle, USA

Country like America where car, motor vehicles are like life. People cannot think about their life without the use of these vehicles. But the imbalance of usage of these vehicles puts life into danger!According to NHTSA, one person dies every 12-15 minutes because of a road accident in the USA. And also injured above 2.5 million every year. On the other hand, thousands of case files are piled on the desk of auto accident lawyers.

How This Lawyer Firm Helps

The lawyer has experienced and well-educated solicitors in this field who handle thousands of case years. They serve the areas of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County.However, every different office has a different number. Visit the main website of the firm to get the particular contact number. Apart from this, the solicitors practice and help people in different areas related to auto accidents. The fields are:

  • Car Accident
  • Uber Accident
  • Tire Defects
  • Wrongful Dead
  • Pedestrian Accident.
  • California Wildfires.
  • Work Accident.
  • Motorcycle Accident.
  • Product defects.
  • Other personal Injuries.

These are the areas they take case related to the field and help people to recover their lost or compensate. Their characteristics are:

  • They have the experience, skill, efficiency and resources to take any case confidently.
  • They handle many leading cases and the record of winning against many well-reputed insurance companies, auto or car manufacturers, government entities etc.
  • They work for a free or contingency fee system. That means they take only after winning the case.

The landmark cases are led by the attorney of panish Shea and Boyle and made winning million dollars.

  • GM v Anderson.
  • Schneider National v Sheth.
  • Landstar Ranger v Casillas.
  • SCRTD v Pogosyan.
  • United States v Yoon.

Anyone can read the review of different clients from their point of view who took their consultancy. Besides, following blogs, social media, reading attorneys articles, one can know their activities more.

Summerfield Browne Solicitors, UK

Summerfield law firm is a UK based solicitor regulation authority where solicitors service throughout the entire country. They mainly practise a wide range of private and commercial law areas. The areas they provide legal services are:

  • Business Law.
  • Estate Planning.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Employment.
  • Divorce.
  • Family Law.
  • Criminal Offences.
  • Medical and Health Care.
  • Medical Negligence.
  • Personal Injury.
  • Road Accident.

The locations the firm is established are:

  • Oxford.
  • London.
  • Leicestershire.
  • Cambridge.
  • Leicester.
  • Birmingham.

The solicitors connected with this corporation are from senior positions and highly qualified. Anyone would like to take consultancy or help in this auto accident area, Summerfield organization is ready to welcome. They have experienced and skilled lawyers to conduct this type of cases. The lawyers will fight their best to ensure their clients get monetary losses and compensation.However, they also provide services by using IT technology. So, they can always be in touch with clients. And also the clients never miss valuable advice. The ensure the legal services are:

  • Top practitioners provide legal services like consultancy, negotiation or debate in court.
  • Ensures justice and compensation for the client’s who loss in an accident.
  • Uses electronic communication systems to ensure the best services for remote areas.

For more to know, visit the website and read the news and blog. They also contributed in a leading case though different areas. Anyone can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or contact directly on the office number.Even one can send them personal details and specific questions and send them on their page. A representative will reply as soon as possible.

Maurice Blackburn, Australia

Maurice Blackburn is a leading justice law firm since 1919, which fights for righteousness and fairness. The lawyers of this firm are dedicated and passionate about this profession. So, they give their best for justice. The lawyers are experienced in multiple areas of law. The area a client can seek help for:

  • Road Accident.
  • Road Accident Injuries.
  • Medical Negligence.
  • Workplace Injuries,
  • Public Liability.
  • Employment Contract.

The lawyers tried to resolve the dispute arising from any act. Above 90% of cases are solved out of court by their interference. For accidents of vehicles and injuries, they handle the areas of medical negligence, insurance claim, monetary losses etc. However, the characteristics of the law firm and the lawyers best services are:

  • They work on behalf of their clients, so they always uphold the client’s interest first.
  • Counsel about the matter or issue, inform all the obligations and rights the client may take.
  • Overall ensure confidentiality about the case and disclose the possibility of winning the case.
  • Maintain communication. When it is not possible to physically meet, they contact through the internet.
  • Always keep updating their clients about the case progress and information about what will be their next move.
  • Even they support financially to their clients on the basis of “no win no payment”.

No Win No Payment

They provide four types of fees structure which finds the clients most flexible and money savings. The fees structure gives comfort to clients to spend their money. In a few sectors, they offer no win no pay system. The sectors include:

  • Road accident.
  • Consumer protection.
  • Aviation law.
  • Abuse law.
  • Medical negligence.
  • Work-related issue.
  • Public Liability.

The victim of these sectors finds financial confidence to seek help from Maurice Blackburn solicitors. On the other hand, other types of fee policy are deferred fees, pay as you go and advance payment.


They have offices in different locations. Bairnsdale, Bendigo, Cranbourne, Healesville, Leongatha, Oakleigh, Rosebud, Shepparton, Sunbury, Wodonga, Yarra Junction etc. the full contact details will be found on their official page. For making an appointment with a legal advisor, call them to book a slot.

Strype Firm, Canada

Strype injury and accident lawyer has 50 years of glory advocacy and excellence. They provide topmost lawyers to fight against injustice. They have saved many lives and family from destruction due to the occurrence of accidents. However, clients can find lawyers in the sectors of:

  • Accidents- truck, car, train, motorcycle, Aviation law.
  • Medical Malpractice- hospital negligence, surgical negligence, obstetrical negligence.
  • Personal Injury- fall and slip, disability insurance, wrongful dead, product liability.
  • Other Injury-spinal cord, orthopaedic, brain trauma, paraplegia etc.

Apart from this, the services they provide through their firms:

  • Provides free consultancy or advice to clients about legal rights.
  • Provides experienced and best lawyers for particular areas.
  • Ensure proper care of clients. If it is required to meet in a hospital, they go to the hospital to meet clients. Though it is a situation demand.
  • They fight for justice and ensure their client gets the best. They never try to appease parties.
  • Even they appoint talented lawyers to their firm. They provide opportunities for new lawyers to work with their experienced advisor.

Fees Structure

Most of ours think lawyers take lots of fees and they take fees hourly. That is absolutely bogus. Especially for Strype firm lawyers, this thought doesn’t work. They consult with clients with free cost. They never charge for advising, consultancy of legal rights and obligations.After winning the case, clients pay their fees. Read the leading case that they handle and review of clients took the help of the lawyers.


There are three ways to contact them. You can directly make calls to talk with them. Even you can fax them. The last option is to meet them directly at the Toronto office.But any injured person is not able to neither meet nor call, a lawyer will go to the hospital to meet. The lawyers just are not only conscious about the case, but also take care of their clients.

Amal Khamis, UAE

Amal Khamis firm is based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, and the lawyers maintain international standards. The advocates are experts in both UAE and religious law. The areas of law they provide legal aids are:

  • Criminal Cases.
  • Business Law.
  • Real Estate.
  • Commercial Law.
  • Family Law.
  • Injury Cases.
  • Maritime law.
  • Drug Cases.
  • Money Laundering.

How Do They Help

They listen to all conflicts and issues that arise against the client. Collect documents and papers related to the case. Consultant with the clients and informs about all rights the client has. They also inform about chances to win the case and risk factors. Their advice and work system are clear and transparent. They never give you false trust.

On the other hand, they deal with international clients with special care. The reason is the rules and laws are different for international clients than the local citizen. They check their criminal case, consult and detain or bail in UAE.

Auto Accident

The lawyers of Amal Khamis handle the cases of road accidents and injuries from accidents especially. Anyone victim of an accident can claim for any accident like car, bus, boat, motor, truck, etc. They provide legal aid and advice regarding the case.

They go to the court to ensure justice to their client. Out of court settlement, they also help in this procedure. And also help to claim in the insurance company to return recompense. Moreover, a victim can claim for:

  • Moral loss
  • Medical expenses.
  • Property damage.

These three factors can be claimed in both court and insurance companies. Though the expenses or monetary losses will be determined by victim condition.


They don’t want to disappoint a client by keeping waiting. They always want to hear from their clients and provide legal help for the soonest possible time. However, there are few contact methods.On the official page, you find 24/7 chatting facilities. There is a representative ready to help you. For urgent contact, make a call or email to them. You can fix an appointment. Even you can send your case on email for quick proceed.

Balduin And Partner, Germany

Balduin and Partner are one of the leading law firms in Germany. They represent their clients german, English, Turkish, and Polish. Which makes comfort for the clients to deal and consult with lawyers. They are also experts only on traffic rules but also labor and insurance law.

However, Mr. Patrick is a founder of this law firm and also a successful expert in traffic law. He is also a contract lawyer for ADAC. On the other hand, Mr. Jonas, the managing partner, and lawyer of labor law. Other talented and expert advisors are also working with them in different areas of law.

How Do They Help In Auto Accident Law

They special lawyers to handle this traffic law. Even the founder of the firm is an expert lawyer in this field. They can help a client of an auto accident in below area:

  • Handling cases of traffic accidents occurred abroad or home.
  • Enforce losses and rights.
  • Helps the defense party.
  • Claim for compensation.
  • Insurance claim.

They also cover some other areas of traffic law. Any type of assistant one client needs, they try their best to help the client.

Fees Structure

Their payment is simple and money saver. If a victim is injured in an accident, they don’t cost anything. But defendants must pay their fees for working on behalf of them. The lawyers will let the client know how to pay their fees. And also, how do they like to take fees. It could be in one shot or partially.


Our personal advice would be in case of contacting them to make an appointment on their page. Then they let you know when your appointment is fixed. So, you can meet and consult with a lawyer directly. But other options of contact are also available. Make a call or go to their office.

Nguyen And Chen, China

Nguyen and Chen is the name of a trust and reliable law firm in China. They are committed to provide aids on workplace issues, business issues or defence in legal issues. They are the specialist of civil litigation, business immigration, family law, malpractice and criminal defense.

Malpractice or injury law cover the area of traffic accidents as well. Their well-reputed lawyers who are experts in the particular area can help clients. Moreover, they can provide any type aid, and resolve any dispute. However, few legal experts are:

●     Brian Nguyen– Founder.

●     James Ou– Senior Counsel.

●     Earvin Chionglo-Partner.

●     Yaou Li- Attorney.

●     Tony Kim- Attorney.


Injuries arising from an accident also be handled by the legal expert of the firm. Apart from the accidental injury, they cover a few more areas. Such as birth injury, bite injury (animals), brain injury, burn injury etc. Besides, medical negligence is practiced by them. They help to complain and claim the medical expenses as well.

Contact Information

Anyone can go to the office to meet them or make a phone call. The location of the law firm is Beijing, Shanghai, Houston, Palo Alto, NY, Irvine. The contact number of different offices will be found on their page.

However, anyone has any enquiry or fix an appointment then fill out an online form. Which will be found on their page. Then submit it to their page. They will contact you shortly. Moreover, follow them on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It will help to understand their social activeness, legal work and contribution.

Sumikawa Law Firm, Japan

Sumikawa Law Firm is a top law office in Japan. It is situated in Kawasaki city, Japan. A number of lawyers provide legal assistance in the firm, and they are members of Bar Association Kawasaki. The lawyers are:

  • Shiho Suzuki.
  • Hazuki Kobayashi
  • Kei Sumikawa

A positive side is that all their members, staff, and attorneys can speak in English. No translator is needed at all. The lawyers are skilled and experienced in handling cases and provide necessary legal advice. It is easier for both attorneys and clients to understand case matters. Whereas a translator would have interrupted by translating speech both for the parties.

Legal services

Well, they provide legal services to ensure a victim can find justice from the court. Even an accused person can find proper justice. Their well educated and experienced lawyer handle many areas of law. The area is:

  • Family Law-divorce, maternity right, child support,
  • Inheritance.
  • Business Cases- lawsuit, contract, labor issues, company establishment, etc.
  • Real Estate- rest, purchase, property.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Car Accident-(Damage claim)

Car accidents are daily events that happen around the world every day. After an accident occurs, a victim may think of claiming damages to the insurance company. But it is not so easy how it looks. It is better to consult with an attorney first.

They can help how to claim for damages and how to calculate the exact damages. If a victim goes alone to claim damages, insurance companies may return the victim by giving a few compensations.


They usually take hourly. The payment must be paid in advance for the consultant. The payment includes tax as well. For translators, a client has to pay extra money. However, the fees vary in different areas of law. For car accidents, the later fees must be paid after getting compensation. The fee structure is available on the website.


Anyone can contact them either by emailing or filling out a contact form. In the contact form, give the details of your case history. After sending your request, they will further contact you by fixing an appointment. However, their main office is in Kawasaki city near Kawasaki station. All the contact info will be found on their website.

Joseph’s Incorporated, South Africa

The attorneys of Joseph’s Incorporated have experience of 25 years of handling important cases. They have the ability to reach the rot of the case, investigate and fight for justice. Even they are the successful contributors to landmark cases. We appreciate the readers for reading their case studies. However, they experienced and skilled the are of law:

  • Accidents-aircraft, railway, motor vehicles, etc.
  • Personal injury.
  • Insurance.
  • Malpractice.
  • Disability.

Personal injury covers a vast area of law. It may include bodily harm, emotional attack as well. However, the special lawyer of the firm expert in handling the cases. A person may claim for below areas which will be included in personal injury:

  • All types of vehicle accidents.
  • Slips, trips, and falls in public or private places.
  • Assault or Battery.
  • Animal bites
  • Medical negligence/malpractice.

The personal injury cases rely on multiple investigations, though. Whether the incident occurs at the fault of the person or their party. The lawyer will do the necessary work on behalf of the client. However, a victim often claims the damages arises from a personal injury are:

  • Post-hospital or medical expenses.
  • Prehospital or medical expenses.
  • Legal expenses
  • Uncertainty of income.
  • Monetary losses.
  • Any other expenses.
  • Insurance claim.

Fees Structure

The remuneration of the attorneys of the firm is flexible. They depend based on no-win no pay. Usually, a client doesn’t have to pay a fee for consulting, whereas other lawyers take the fees. Even they don’t charge where a party’s case doesn’t have prospects.


Any interested person can contact them by physically meeting at the office. Or email them or fax them. Anyone can make calls to them. For booking an appointment request through an online form.

VGS Lawyers Firm, Italy

VGS is an Italy based law firm expert in managing critical cases in various law sectors. The English speaking lawyers are able to communicate both local and international language. The attorneys are highly qualified and fluent in English. Now there are a total of 20 legal advisors working for people on legal aid. The legal aid they provide on the law sectors of:

  • International Marriage- divorce, separation, child custody, alimony, adoption, same-s’e’x marriage.
  • Personal Injury- accident, medical negligence, product liability.
  • Juvenile Law.
  • Real Estate.
  • Company Law.
  • Criminal Law.
  • Tax.
  • Relocation.

In the area of personal injury, Italy has strict laws. The accused party is bound to pay monetary loss that suffers the victim. Some victims suffer from emotional or mental problems. These loss is also claimed by the victim. Usually, the lawyers can help to succeed in the claim of:

  • Road accident.
  • Property Damage.
  • Medical Malpractice.

The claim for losses has many areas. The smart way is to take advice from a lawyer first. They know better than a normal person. They can assist by providing valuable advice.

Investigate the case thoroughly and negotiate for monetary losses. In an accident or personal injury, a lawyer’s first priority is to his client, so he gets the highest compensation.However, the advocate of the VGS lawyers Firm-

  • Giuliana Marchese.
  • Valentina Giarrusso.
  • Federica Cicero.
  • Manlio Beninati.
  • Mirko Graditi.

If you are interested, visit the website by clicking on the provided link. You will find the contact details. For an appointment, leave a message on the contact page. They will respond within a day. For urgent contact, you can also email them your case study. Then they will get back to you as soon as possible.However, they don’t charge for any consultancy. Though a victim must pay a percentage from recovered damages to lawyers after winning the case.


Though all accidents or injury doesn’t require lawyers to hire. But in many serious incidents, you may need an attorney. Lawyers are the best friend in legal areas because they debate on behalf of the applicant or defendant. They try their best to win the case and ensure compensation.

You may find many auto accident lawyers around your area or country. Most lawyers work under firms even few work individually. However, the law firm or agency shared here are the reputed firms around the world. They have all sorts of experienced solicitors in various law sectors.

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