What is the best credit card for international travel?

Love to travel but don’t like carry cash while traveling? Then plan to use credit cards. This plan will help you a lot in time-saving and also energy. Now you may ask what is the best credit cards for international travel? Travel through my article, and you will get an answer. A credit card helps you to buy anything by borrowing cash from your bank. You have to pay back the money in time to bank or else you have to pay also some interest on the amount of your borrowed money.

Why credit cards?

You can enjoy your travel without any worries if you have a credit card with you. Here are some simple reasons about why to use credit cards:

  1. if you use credit card sensibly then the credit card will offer you great signup offers. You may get air travel offer as a bonus gift.
  2. if you are lucky to sign up the right credit card you may get 1% to 5% cash back on your purchases.
  3. if you frequently travel in theair then the credit card will help you to get free bonus ride.
  4. some credit card has a point system. If you reach the point the card requires, then you may get some gifts.
  5. all credit cards has universal acceptance.

These are the reason that you must use credit cards.

A credit card works:

  • With a credit card, you can spend up to the limit of your card.
  • If you are confident to pay every month, then you will get one credit card.
  • Every credit card holder should pay every month’s bill.
  • If you don’t pay on time, you will have to pay interest.

So, what is the best credit card for international travel

Now let me introduce you to the best credit cards which are best for travel. They are:

  • Chase Sapphire
  • BankAmerica
  • Capital One
  • Barclaycard Arrival Plus

Before going to details of these cards, there are some facts that you must know.

Not all credit cards can be used in every place. The most use credit card is American Express card and discovers cards. But American Express cards cannot be used in local store or restaurants. And discover cards cannot be used in other countries except the USA. Some countries need chip-enabled credit cards. But some countries don’t allow it. And don’t go for the credit cards which has foreign currency transaction fees. Another thing your credit card must have customer service options or else you will be in trouble in travel.

Now considering all facts,lets go to the details what is the best Credit card for international travel:

  • Chase Sapphire Credit Card: If you are well off and travel a lot, then take this card to use. This card has are as Oneyearly fee. No extra transaction fees, chi enabled and worldwide acceptance.

This card has quick bonus offers while traveling. If you earn the required bonus point, then you will shower with amazing bonus gifts like air travel or dining in any restaurant. You will also get best customer service which is 24/7.

  • Bank Ameri card Credit Card:this card is very flexible in offering bonuses. There is no annual fee and transaction fee to pay. You don’t need to spend hugely to get the point, spent 1$ get huge 5 points. Also, if you spend $1000, you will earn a good amount of bonus. This card is best as traveling card. If you have saving account in the bank of America, then you will also enjoy 10% customer bonus point on every purchase.
  • Capital One Credit Card: this card is best for young travelers. You don’t need to earn a well to use this credit card. You earn miles simply and you can pay till three months. No worries for a transaction
  • Barclay card Arrival Plus Credit Card: this card is full of miles’ reward option. You purchase things with this card you will get 2x miles and also 5% bonus miles which are worth of 500$. Fantastic right? Oh, this card also has no transaction fees.

These four cards are the best credit card for international travel. You will enjoy your travel with offers and bonuses. So, if you don’t have a new credit card while going for travel try to check and learn about your old credit cards about their offers and transaction fees on foreign currency. Try to get the cheapest offers. Because exchanging money is far more expensive than using a credit card. If you are a travel freak and love to collect a souvenir from every place, then let you clarify what is the best Credit card for international travel and enjoy every moment of traveling.

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