Best Home Insurance Company in New York ( Four Best Company)

The best insurance company concept relies on how well the insurers handle and manage their claims. Right coverage with the right carrier is the most important thing to protect your property from unexpected incidents. Basically, homeowners in New York buy insurance to protect their property against disaster. You need to find sufficient home insurance to cover all your property from any kind of unexpected event.  So, if you are looking for the best policy for your home, you must select the authentic one. In this article, you will get an essential notion about the best home insurance company in New York.

Why do you need to buy home insurance?

In order to protect your property from loss, home insurance is essential. The insurance company will bear the burden of your uncertain loss in exchange for a relatively small amount of money. There are many reasons, causing the severe damage to your property. Such as weather that causes damage, fire or explosion, earthquake, frost damage to internal water pipe and so many. An unexpected event could derail you all hard work. So before selecting your paint color, you should line up for your home insurance.

New York’s Insurance Policies and Laws:


Generally, a basic New York homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the following issues:

  • The structure and building materials of your home
  • Replacement costs
  • Personal possessions
  • Living expenses in case of a natural disaster
  • Liability coverage

Few supplemental policies are also available for you:

  • food policy
  • earthquake policy
  • animal policy


  • (a)The coverage provided under such subparagraphs (B), and (C) shall not apply where the natural person does not have an insurable interest in the real property, or a portion thereof, or the residential unit in which such person resides.
  • (b.i)An insurer may make available a multi-tier program with more than one rate level in the same company for insured in high-risk areas, including coastal areas.
  • (b.ii)Credits can be applied on a per-tier basis pursuant to an approved rating plan.
  • (c)Prior to the approval of the provision authorized in subsection (b) of this section, the superintendent may promulgate rules, and regulations governing the application of such provision.

Which home insurance policy do you need?

Generally, home insurance policies provide the main four areas of coverage:

  • Dwelling coverage, which is to rebuild your house or buying new one or condo?
  • Personal property coverage that covers the replacement of personal property within a house.
  • Liability coverage helps to get rid of someone who got injured buy your property
  • Additional Coverage, to cover your temporary leaving of your house.

You should buy an additional insurance policy if the above terms are unable to reach your limit. If your total assets exceed all limits of policy liability cause, you can buy an “Umbrella Policy”.

How much cover do you need?

To have a good and specified result, you have to go through your needs, which coverage that you want for your house. If you want to rebuild your house or buy a condo or co-op, the insurance policy will be different. The average cost for an insurance policy might be $1083. And the rates have continued to rise by almost 50% in the last 10 years throughout the country.

One statistic shows that in New York homeowners monthly paid $105 which turn to $1260 in a yearly basis. Which is 16% expensive than average state rates in the US. All New Yorkers are not paying the same amount for home insurance. The premium you have to pay depends on many factors such as the age of your home, location and the coverage you need. In that case, you have to buy the policy of best home Insurance Company in New York.

The average cost of NY’s Home Insurance:

Let’s take a quick peek at what is the average monthly and yearly cost in few areas of New York. This calculation determined by comparing the national average home insurance cost, national average burglary cost and national average home value. We tried to find out the average home insurance cost of popular cities in New York.

  • NewYork: monthly $133, yearly $1,595
  • Long Island: monthly $197, yearly $ 2365
  • Buffalo: monthly $73, yearly $877
  • Syracuse: monthly $71.5, yearly $858
  • Hempstead: monthly $115, yearly $912
  • Yonkers: monthly $102, yearly $1,224
  • Brooklyn: monthly $94, yearly $1,132
  • Queens: monthly $99, yearly $1,188
  • Staten Island: monthly $85, yearly $1.018
  • Bronx: monthly $85, yearly $1,020

Now, let’s take a look at the most expansive and least expensive insurance cost according to ZIP code.

Most Expensive:

  • Hudson Heights/Washington Heights: $1,752
  • Fort George: $1,752
  • In-wood: $1,752
  • Washington Heights/Sugar Hill: $1,752

Least expensive:

  • Morton: $659
  • Adams Basin: $660
  • Gates: $660
  • Hamlin: $660

Best Home Insurance Company in New York:

There are lots of Insurance companies and agents who want to ensure you are covered by the best policy that you can afford. We evaluate the biggest and affordable Insurance Company in New York by market share, using national review of the clients and quality of service. We also looked into their claim process, compare coverage option and discounts they provide.  Some of them are in our list for your kind concern; which is considered as Best Home Insurance Company in New York:

Amica Mutual:

Amica Mutual is one of the best affordable Insurance Company for homeowners so far. It is famous for its coverage policy which has wide range coverage for damages. And if you are not in a home, you are also eligible to buy this insurance. You are also allowed for discounts and moreover, your budget and needs can be adapted by their extra coverage policy. For homeowners Amica offers so many discounts including Loyalty discounts, Claim-free Discount, Auto-pay Discount, E-Discount and so many. It offers 4-10 per cent discount on the property portion.

State Farm: In New York State Farm is renowned for their superior claims management system. If you are a new homeowner or new home insurance buyer you should go for State Farm. They have a quick and sophisticated quote tool and this company also offers a home inventory calculator for their clients.


Allstate offers you some great tools along with clear information. They also provide a pretty stellar discount to all aspects of consumers. It offers a welcome discount for new buyers and discounts for their remaining customers as well.  Bundling home insurance can save up to 30% which is also more than State Farm’s discount. In some cases, customers are not impressed with the paid out amount. But still, it is worth to be in the list because of their discounts and helpful resources.

Liberty Mutual: This insurance company has always been helpful and support for their customers. When any natural digester occurs you can find them by your side. And if you insure 100% cost of your house they will give you a special discount. In fact, they will begin fixing your home up on the spot by professionals whereas other insurers will not do that instantly.


Travelers are a very reliable home insurance provider in New York. For potential customers, they offer many discounts. For example, you can save five per cent by just signing up for auto pay. And if you are a certified green homeowner, you can also save another five per cent. In addition, it does not provide law and ordinance coverage for the home which replacement cost is less than $1 million.


Chubb has a master plan, in which they visit clients place and determine how much they need to cover. They will provide you with an extra level of protection if you own a pricey home in flood-area.

USAA insurance:

It serves to our military and their family members since 1922.  You are eligible for USAA services if you are an active military member or former retired member. Just have to claim your coverage, submit evidence and view the status of your loss.  You need to cover your home and personal belongings at present value.  Special risks such as flood, earthquake may not covered by basic coverage policy. Location and construction material are the main factor to determine your premium.

Causes of Homeowners losses:

ISO, The insurance service office reports that most of the homeowner losses their property insurance due to damages.  They found that 33.1% losses occur due to wind and hail. Another 29.5% happens for water damage and freezing. Fire and lighting leads the way at 26.8%. Other damages cause 5.7% loss and the reason of the rest 1.9% loss might be theft. The liability insurance is comparatively least expensive than property insurance. The liability damages incur losses of 2.7% by bodily injury and property damage. Medical payment could take place for 0.02% loss and credit card other comes off for less than 0.01%.

New York Home Insurance FAQ:

What is the Best rate?

This is the most frequently asked question by new insurance buyer. The average home owners have to pay around $1300 per year. The premium depends on your home, location and assets. So before choosing a provider you must compare the quotes. According to New York’s Insurance Underwriting Association, deductible range is $500-$2,500 and minimum premium is $50.

Which is the Best insurance for Long Island?

As we mentioned above, you can choose anyone from those companies. Just keep your eyes on the right balance between premium and coverage. You can observe how these companies stack up in regard to your questions.

How to file a Complaint:

New York’s Financial Service is always there for you if you need to file any complaint about your insurance company. You just need to take one step. That is you have to call 212-480-6400 or 800-342-3736 Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. online option is also available for you to file a complaint with the required information.

Unfortunately, snowfall, heat waves, digesters like Hurricane, Superstorm tends to drive up the premium amount of homeowners insurance. In New York that premiums are few hundred dollars above than national average for these reasons. The companies we recommended you, those are mostly based on clients review. We checked their financial stability and service process. We have gathered homeowner’s insurance review from policyholders.

When you buy homeowners coverage from the local independent agent, you can find the more affordable policy. If you want to buy through an agent from specific company, you might get less reliable information about others. So, to get the Best Home Insurance Company in New York; you should be concerned about which insurer support your need if you make a claim.

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