Best Pet Insurance Company in New York (5 Best Insurance Company Reviews)

If you have a pet, you just know how important he/ she are to you and your family. A pet brings your life happy, but keeping a pet healthy can be a costly challenge in NY.For this high rate of pet health cost, a pet insurance policy of New York can help to protect you from the financial burdens and to weather the stress of dealing with sick pets.

Now the veterinary services have gotten more advanced with emergency visits, and animal medication can come at an average price.We know having a pet has been proving to improve mental and physical health in humans. Hence it makes sense to protect yourself from while protecting your pet with a New York pet insurance policy is a top priority.

Buy a pet can be expensive. With this high rate how to choose a pet insurance company? How could be sure which pet insurance company policy is good for you and your pet? How can you find which is the best pet insurance company in New York?

How to choose the right pet insurance company?

Since we know how much important a pet in your life. Owning a pet can sometimes can be very expensive. Quality foods to regular medications, the cost of owning a pet can add up. Further, Pet insurance is now available to many services. However, with pet insurance, you have to pay your veterinary bill and then submit your claim for reimbursement.

In case, pet insurance companies are not all the same in price and coverage. Some pet insurance plans cover general treatments to your pet while not covering illnesses.

You should remember that cheaper insurance policies tend to provide less coverage and may not cover severe illnesses. If you want to chose the best insurance company for your pet? You will need to do some research first. The Pet insurance helps you to cover the cost of veterinary care if your pet becomes ill or injured and also for wellness procedures.

Pet insurance is a repayment program, which means that you have to pay your veterinary bills and then submit your claim for repayment. Pre-existing conditions are typically not covered.

The best way to use Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is best used for unexpected, medical events which are difficult to budget for. Besides, Routine and Wellness procedures are not always best handled with pet insurance. Many times the cost of adding Routine and Wellness Care to your plan ends up being more than. If you paid for these procedures out of your own pocket, it would be your cost. Is it possible, that you will pay more in premiums than you get back?

So make sure what you do before buy. If your pet is healthy, therefore pet insurance should be used as a risk management tool not as a way to save money.

Medical and Wellness Coverage Options

It is important to look for in a pet insurance policy is that it includes medical coverage.  The pet insurance includes accidents, broken bones, swallowed objects, cancer, diabetes, ear infections, and other conditions. Medical coverage is our favorite and most important. It allows you to be prepared for a range of expensive medical issues. That can happen over the course of your pet’s life.

An example, if your dog has a form of cancer and being treated for the condition. You can be sure that your dog will continue to be treated for cancer when the policy rolls over into the next year. Without regular treatment, your coverage could go away at the end of the policy year. Pre-existing conditions, which can be anything that needs treatment before the end of your pet insurance policies.

While wellness coverage might sound ideal since it covers routine visit procedures like check-ups and vaccinations. Wellness coverage is not covered by basic pet insurance policies. There are exceptions where insurers will let you pay more to get some routine care included on your policy.

The best pet insurance company in New York

There are so many pet insurance companies in New York. It’s is difficult to find out the best pet insurance company in New York. After researching we have found the top pet insurance company in New York. We mentioned the pet insurance company in the bellow. You can be insurer one of them insurance company.

Healthy Paws pet insurance & Foundation

The Healthy Paws is the top pet insurance company in our list. The Healthy Paws single plan offers comprehensive coverage. This makes it an attractive choice. We really like that healthy paws have no limit to how much its single plan will pay out each year. Most of, it has only a 15-day waiting period for illness and injury coverage. It has comprehensive illness and accident coverage which is our favorite. Also unlimited benefits with no caps on the claims and all of this are included in the Healthy Paws standard plan.

Further, Healthy Paws has an excellent customer satisfaction rate (A+) and are the best rated in terms of reviews. This pet insurance company representative was prompt and courteous, both on the phone and over email. They have a website which made it easy to find all the info we needed.

This pet insurance company also offers an annual deductible range of $100, $250, $500 or $750.  You just choose the level of deductible, which can help you control your premium costs. Furthermore, Healthy Paws is known for its fast claims service. Claims can be filed online or through the mobile app. The usually processed of claims within three to five days.

Figo Pet Insurance Company

The Figo is one of the top pet insurance company in New York and we listed it number two in our short list. Figo is a great choice for its extremely coverage at a reasonable price. Its lowest tier plan has standard coverage, but Figo includes coverage for exams fees, alternative treatments, prescriptions etc. And Figo pet insurance has some of the shortest waiting periods before coverage kicks in and no additional exclusions for hip dysplasia. This pet insurance has no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. It reimburses claims within 30 days.

Further, it offers a 100% reimbursement at a higher premium. If you want to save on premium costs, you can choose between 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursement. You can also choose any veterinarian, hospital and have it covered. Figo pet insurance reimburses based on the actual vet bill.

Figo is the only provider who offered cloud based storage system, Pet Cloud, stores your claims and pet’s medical records on Figo’s mobile app. That means you can access records from the company’s mobile app. Furthermore, Figo has an excellent customer satisfaction rate (A+) by Markel American Insurance Company.

PetFirst Pet Insurance Company

PetFirst pet insurance is the company with the best coverage for you and your pet. This company offers accident and illness coverage for dogs and cats. The Petfirst pet insurance also offers discounts for those with multiple pets. And its allow you to choose any vet you like without pre-approval. The PetFirst is the only insurers that do not have a waiting period for hip dysplasia or several other conditions.

Petfirst pet insurance plan covering:

  • Accidents
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Exam Fees
  • Emergency Care
  • Hospitalizations
  • Holistic Care
  • Illnesses
  • Medications
  • Surgeries
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasounds & Alternative Therapies.

Petfirst Pet Insurance plan not covered:

  • Behavioral Training.
  • Elective Procedures.
  • Grooming costs and bathing.
  • Illness or injury which arises out of racing.
  • Expression or removal of anal glands or anal sacculitis.
  • Pre-existing Conditions.
  • Special diet, vitamins, and mineral supplements.
  • Parasite treatment and illnesses transmitted by parasites.
  • Routine wellness & preventative care.

Petplan Pet Insurance Company

Petplan pet insurance is the company who offers comprehensive coverage that includes exam fees, annual benefits, deductibles, and reimbursement rates.  This pet insurance recommends the flexible deductible schedule, which allows you to choose between 100 and $1000 and not per condition. The Petplan has an excellent customer service rating that is available 24/7. AGCS Marine Insurance Co underwrites Petplan Pet insurance. It’s rated (A+) by BBB.

Further, Petplan pet insurance payout times frame is typically within 30 days. The processing can be faster by using its Petplan app to submit a claim. When you apply on online, you can get a 10 % discount from Petplan pet insurance.

Pets Best Pet Insurance Company

The Pets Best Pet insurance is one of the top insurance companies in New York for the pet. Pets’ Best pet insurance offers two tiers of wellness packages. It covers regular medical care and treatments.  Pets Best two-tier plans are Elite and. The Elite plan includes annual benefits and multiple choices for deductibles and reimbursement rates. It provides coverage for exam fees, chiropractic treatment, rehab therapies, etc.

The Pets Best also has true emergency-only option, low pricing, customer services option etc. It has no lifetime limits and won’t increase your premium based on the number or types of claims. Pets Best usually reimburse you within a week and expenses are paid on the actual invoice amount.

In conclusion, we mentioned the best Pet Insurance Company in New York. You can select any one from this pet insurance policy for your pet. Thank you for being with us.

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