Best Student Credit Cards for Students

Best student credit cards 2020 for them those who seem life is a fantasy time in student life. In this phase, you have the desire to live the life lavishly, show off to your friends and so much more.So it is very delicate but memorable time for everyone. But sometimes you need some financial helps for getting some benefits. Thanks to some bank they have the scheme for students which offers credit cards for students. With the credit cards, you can get loans, rent a house, car insurance, and much more offers. To enjoy these offers, you have to know about credit cards.

Best Student credit cards for 2020

You may think why students need credit cards. Well, the fact is many students are not so well off. They face financial problems frequently. For them is student credit cards are a big support. Those who are well off they have different credit card offers. This credit card helps a lot in many different ways for students who are not doing part time job for study.

Below I have written about the best ones which I prefer and have used while I was a student. Hope you will get ideas about the best student credit cards for 2020:

#1.Citi ThankYou Credit Card for College Students:

The CitiThankYou Credit Card for College Students is the popular credit card among students. It is popular because it offers the best offers and it is tempting. If you spend one dollar you will get double points on entertainment and restaurants.  And entertainment means movies, sports, parks and more.


  • Spend 500 dollars, earn 2500 point in first three
  • Restaurant and entertainment has 2% reward point.

#2.Discover it® for Students:

This credit card is the card which gives students the feeling of non-student while purchasing. The students enjoy every offer of credit cards. There is a no different condition for them.


  • 1% cashback in every purchase.
  • In rotating category, the cashback is 5%.
  • In Discoverdeals student can enjoy 5-20% cash back.
  • Has the highest reward point.
  • This credit card is not accepted as master or visa card.

#3. Journey Student Rewards from Capital One:

This credit card is the credit card which gives waiver in the foreign transaction. This offer helps the students who want to study abroad a lot. You will not have to face extra fees if you have this credit card.


  • 1% cashback in every purchase.
  • 25 % bonus in every on-time payment.
  • Free foreign transaction fee.

#4. U.S. Bank Secured Visa® Card:

This card is specially for well-off students. It is security card for students who can deposit some good amount of money. You will enjoy credit offers.


  • Deposit 300-500$ you will enjoy good interest fee.
  • You can upgrade the card within 12 months.
  • No activation charge.

A credit card helps students to enjoy an independent but responsible life. You will learn all about financial responsibilities by using credit cards. Here are some tips:

  • You will know your limits. With a credit card, you have the full access to get anything you want. But you have to control yourself. You purchase, and the interest fee will increase. F you don’t pay it in time, man you are in deep trouble. This self-control helps a lot in future life.
  • Try to develop the habit of reviewing your card expense in every month. Take a look at your cost and where you spend. This will help to cut your unnecessary expense from next month.
  • As credit card have some fraud issues, review your monthly statements. Keep track of your bill payment and spending. In any emergency or any trouble case, you can submit the proofs.

In modern days, the education expenses are growing little expensive. For some students, it is a burden. For this reason, students end up doing part time jobs, leaving study in midway and so on.

For those students, some bank has taken a step to give credit card offers only for students. This is very encouraging for students. For this, you don’t have to face any financial problem.

But to maintain a credit card, you must have the habit of paying in time and spending money in a wise way.

Many banks have offers for Student credit cards. Before choosing one check their interest rate and bonus offers. I prefer the above mentioned best student credit cards for 2020. They are reasonable and flexible. If you are a student who is reading this article, check the cards, pick one and enjoy your life with study and fun.

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