Largest Canadian Gold Mining Companies (Top 13 Companies)

Some Canadian gold mining companies are the best mining companies all over the world. Mining is one of the most important sectors of the economy of Canada. Some gold mining companies have the reputation worldwide. Besides, a lot of people work on these companies and earn a good amount of money. Gold is a valuable natural resource. Many hold hunters search for gold. The gold companies use mines to dig on the deep earth. Canada is the country with natural sources of gold. For this reason, there are a lot of gold companies here. However, gold mining companies play important role in the economy of the world.

Canadian gold mining companies

As there are many gold mining companies in Canada, we are going to describe you some largest Canadian gold mining companies.

Barrick Gold

It is one of the largest companies all over the world. The company works worldwide and its headquarters is in Canada. This company has been doing their mining work in Canada, Argentina, Peru, Australia, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Zambia and also the USA. But most of the gold of this companies come from America. However, the company has a strong marketplace position. You can see that the yearly income of this company is 22.67 billion which is really good in gold mining field.

Kinross Gold

It is another gold company that is based in Canada. They work in USA, Brazil, Ghana, Mauritania, Russia. It is a well-known company in the world. It was formed in 1993. However, now this company has nine gold mines in different countries.

Goldcorp, Inc.

The headquarters of this company is in British Columbia, Canada. More than 15, 800 people are working here to explore, produce and extract gold. However, this company has 4 mines in Canada. Besides, there are 2 mines in Mexico, another 4 in America. It is one of the largest producers of gold in the world. But this company has accused of destroying the environment. But this allegation has been disproved by this company. It produced more than 2.08 million ounces in 2014.

AuRico Gold

It is the gold mining company that started their work in Mexico. Now their position is intermediate. Now they are working in Mexico and Canada. However, Ocampo and EI Chanate are two properties of this company in Mexico. Besides, gold, they also extract and produce silver minerals.


It is an international gold mining company. They explore, produce minerals and gold all over the world.  The annual production of this company is 800, 000 ounces from America, West Africa. The company has some mines that provide important attributes. The mines are Essakane gold mine, Rosebel gold mine, Yatela mine and Westwood mine.

Detour Gold

It is a successful Canadian gold company. However, this company is located in Ontario, Canada. For this reason, the employees are from this area. This company likes to increase the employees from the local mine operation communities. It got the asset from Pelangio Mines near 2006 for their $75 million. The company produces a lot of gold.

B2Gold Crop

It is another Canadian Gold mining company. It grows fast as intermediate producers of gold. Since 2007, it has to work with a gold mining company who has four mines and working in various countries. The company mainly works in Nicaragua, Namibia, Burkina Faso, Philippines, and Mali.

Guyana Goldfields Inc

It is the exploration company of gold that is Canadian based. They actually deposit in South America. The company has the mining project called Aurora Gold Mine in Guyana. The 100% interest in this project is owned by this company. Besides Aurora Project, the company holds a share in another project named Aranka Properties. It is only 50 kilometers away from Aurora project.

Torex Gold Resources Inc

Torex Gold Resources Inc. It is an exploration and development company of Morelos Gold Company based in Canada. This company is in the southern Mexico which is 50 kilometers distance from Iguala. Morelos Gold company has the property of 29,000 hectares. The main asset of this company is the El Limon Guajes mine. Besides, they also have the ML(Media Luna) project.

Yamana Gold

This company is based in Canada and produces gold from 2003. Mainly they produce, develop and explore gold in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, and Chile. They have some mining properties such as Viceroy, RNC Gold, Meridian Gold, Desert Sun and Northern Orion. They operate six mines Such as Chapada, Jacobina, Minera Florida, Canadian Malartic, etc.

Eldorado Gold

It is another largest Canadian gold mine company. It has the business in Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Brazil. Eldorado provides the services of exploration, production, and development of gold. Its headquarters is in Vancouver. More than 4600 people are the employee of this company. However, with 20 years experience in mining field, they are working properly with the highest safety. Besides, they are also conscious of the environment.

Franco-Nevada Corporation

It is a Canadian company located in Toronto, Ontario. It invests in gold mining and some other natural resources. They also run the Toronto Stock Exchange. A lot of local people are working here.

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited

It is another Canadian gold producer company. It provides operations in Finland, Mexico, and Canada. The company explores and develops gold. It has exposure to high gold prices. It is trying to expand its production and increase the income.

Canada is a country with a lot of natural resources. So, many mining companies are working here. There are many largest Canadian gold mining companies those work internationally and do their operation in many countries of the world. All the gold mining companies are playing the very important role in the economy of the world. The natural resources make a country wealthy. Besides, a lot of local people have a chance to work for their living. As Canada has gold and some companies that are working worldwide, the country becomes richer day by day. Most of the gold of these companies go on the United States.

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