Google SEO News: Google Algorithm Update Overview
Current Date:July 28, 2021
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Google SEO News: Google Algorithm Update Overview

Google SEO news is a name of implausible words to the web world. Generally google updates its algorithm for best search results and accurate information in a short interval.Major updates occur almost on a year. There are some minor updates happen more than 500 timesin a year.To reduce the search time of users on google page webmaster team work and that’s why google bring updates according to Illy Grigorik. Also they works for quick and accurate results to the web community.

Google SEO news is so familiar to the all business giant, entrepreneur and web master who plays with this for their own purpose. It’s very important to them to know and maintain it. Here are some significant google algorithm updates in the web history.

Some Important google algorithm for seo at a glance

Mobile first indexing advantage

Most vital part of this latest google update is mobile first indexing. For mobile first indexing you should follow this part.

  • Responsive design for user friendly.
  • Increase your website speed by optimizing image, reducing redirects, minify code etc.
  • Use dropdown and accordion.
  • Don’t use flash content in mobile version.
  • Use responsive UI and UX design.
  • You cannot block java script, CSS and image file in mobile version from robot txt file.
  • Don’t use pop up and flash content.
  • Have to bring various traffic from different source.
  • Don’t forget to add schema markup.
  • If need can use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for speed up browsing.

Google show favicon in the search snippets so for branding your business use unique favicon. Maccabees Update is happen but google does not reveal this. For this many websites like affiliate and e commerce site’s visitor amount causes up down.

Latest google update is optimize site for voice search. This will be the best part for them who optimize sites for voice search.

You can see the performance report for 12 months by google search console beta. Longer Meta description for user friendly search. Increase up to 320 characters.

Have to avoid disavow file as google don’t recommend it. It will not bring well for your site. So avoid it.

Now google add related image, people also search and related search in feature snippets.

Google SEO News and Latest Google Updates

  1. Fred Updates: Google updates its algorithm on 8 March, 2017 for best search result and user friendly. In this updates most of the owner of thin content and heavy affiliate ad network owner are highly exaggerated.

Most of the site which hold low quality contents and breaks the webmaster guidelines of google are highly vulnerable. As these low and thin quality contents holders’ purpose is generated ad revenues they are vulnerable for Fred updates.

Solution for this latest google update:Follow the guideline of google webmaster and improve your website contents. Make sure that you produce high quality user friendly contents. Provide sufficient information and don’t violate any rules of google. This is not a wise task to fill-up the web page with abundant of affiliate links and pop up.

  1. Google Possum:Google possum hold on 1st September 2016 which introduced various changes in local SEO.Really working ability more depending on searcher’s location. The result is great variety among result ranking for similar queries and also boost a business found in the outskirts of a particular city.

Solution for this: For this you have spent time on keyword list and location specific keywords.You have to target more local keyword which has search value. Targeted location are appeared in the SERPs.

  1. Google RankBrain: RankBrain have publicized on 26th October, 2015 with a great appearance on the web. This update brings the best search results which is under machine learning intelligence. RankBrain is a part of Hummingbird which is the 3rd significant factors for SEO. In this updates google show the relevance keywords and queries.Poor web design and irrelevant content holder suffer for this update.

How to solve/Improvement: By using informative content and user friendly structure will help from this update. You should optimize your content by enhancing relevant content with competitive strategy. By analyzing your competitors you can find the relevance query which help your users. You can use various tools for analyzing your competitors like TF-IDF tool. That will bring the significant improvement of your site

  1. User experience by mobile updates:Mobile updates introduced on 21st April, 2015. In this updates poor optimize web content which is not mobile friendly are vulnerable. This google update known as mobilegeddon which prefer responsive design for mobile search. It helps the page which is optimize for mobile search. If you don’t make your page mobile friendly then it will rank down.

How to solve: To solve this problem analyze your page by tools which help you to understand how much responsive your page. Then you can update your page for mobile version which really powerful for web rank. So mobile optimize is the essential part now a days. You can test this by website auditor under content analysis.

  1. Pigeon Update: Pigeon update revealed different time in different location. In USA it happened on 24 July, 2014 and in Australia, Canada and UK on 22 December, 2014. For this update poor optimize content will suffer. So for this on page and off page like social share and user engagement is necessary. In this google update more specific, relevant results will get priority along with user’s location.

User distance, search prominence and relevancy is the most vital part for this local update. Name, address and phone number also bear the importance for the update.

How to balance: By analyzing the on page and of page you can improve your website result. You can check on page by web auditor which help you to understand the improvement of the site. Relevant business directories will help for off page improvement.

  1. Hummingbird update: In 2013, 22th August google update algorithm named “Hummingbird”. Based on user experience google manage search. Long tail keyword also an important part for this. Keyword is a major part for ranking factor in this update.

But low quality content and keyword stuffing is the major problem.

  1. Google Penguin: Penguin update appeared on 23rd September, 2016. Google penguin works with backlink and link quality and penalize the low quality link which is come from third party for business purpose not for user. Furthermore, which website don’t follow webmaster rules they will also suffer for this update. By this update google introducing disavow tool which can remove harmful link from third party website. Also it can protect link juice from particular link.
  2. Google Pirate: Google pirate explored on August, 2012. It has introduced as safeguard of others intellectual assets. It can penalized the site which is running by others property like article, music and any copyright contents.

If you see that any one use your property without your permission then you can take down their site by DMCA policy.

  1. Google Panda Update: Google panda is discovered in 2015, 17th July. This update cover these issues like, spam content, keyword stuffing and poor user experience. They will be under wage for plagiarism.

To escape from this avoid plagiarism and don’t copy other intellectual property and keyword stuffing. You can use copyscape to check the content which copied or unique. Regular check your site and improve content quality to escape from this.

Google SEO News and Google Algorithm for SEO:

This part is the most important part to all who works with website. As every year google updates its algorithm for the user friendly search result. All have to work for the user not for the rank.

Do this if google don’t find your site

When you find that your site isn’t in google, it happens because the design of the site make it tough for google to crawl its content effectively and also received an error when trying to crawl your site.

Let google to know which page should not crawled

You may not want that your site of certain pages crawled. If you don’t want to check search engines from crawling your pages, then take extra security. By google txt file you can block any page but google can sometimes crawled that page.“Robots.txt” file conveys search engines where it can access or not.


  • Stay away from crawling internal search by google.
  • You can allow URLs produced as a consequence of proxy services to be crawled.

Generate worthy titles and snippets

Perfectly describe the page’s content. The title for your homepage can list the name of your website that’s why choose a title that reads naturally and effectively interconnects the topic of the page’s content.


  • Avoid irrelevant title which is not go with the content.
  • You should avoid using default titles like “New Page 1” or “Untitled”.

Have to create unique title

Your site should have a unique title when you search in Google. It helps to find, the page is dissimilar from the other on your site.


  • Don’t use a single title through all of your site’s post and pages.

Use informative and meaningful title

When you search you must use both short and informative title otherwise Google may not give the accurate results what you want.


  • Avoid long title which is not user friendly.
  • Keyword stuffing.

Precisely summarize content of the page

Write an explanation Meta which must be both informative and interest for users. Visitors may get various extent snippets depending on site. You can write up to 320 character in Meta description which helps for ranking.


  • Don’t write irrelevant Meta description.
  • Description is filled by only keywords.
  • Don’t use entire content as a Meta description.
  • Avoid using “This for cricket” or “This is a web page”

Put unique description for all page

You use different description Meta tag which may help the user to find the desire site of the page. You can use important part from the post you write when you have thousands of posts. Otherwise you should make unique Meta description.


  • Avoid using single description Meta tag to all page.

Use headings clearly

Use headings tags where necessary as it will be helpful for the users.


  • Avoid long headings to your page.
  • Avoid use of multiple heading tags.

Build Navigational page for user

Create user friendly navigational page which helps for good search experience. Users like to use this type of website. So make sure that your website has a good navigational pages.

Generate a natural hierarchy

Make your website user friendly as visitor can go the general page from specific content. Make sure that user can go all links which you have used in your site. Make linking with relevant content as they can go the similar content.


  • Don’t use intricacy with web link. For example linking with every page to other page.
  • Avoid something like this: user cannot find relevant content from link.

Display suitable 404 pages

If any visitor cannot find the relevant content and show 404 then make sure that user can go to the root page or working page. Having a custom 404 is best practice. You can find 404 page by using google search console.


  • Providing default message like 404, not found.
  • From robots.txt file block 404 page being crawling.
  • Use a theme for your 404 pages that does not match the rest of your website.

Use keywords in the urls

Use keywords in urls from custom link is a best practice for the website and ranking.


  • “page1.html” is default; don’t use it.
  • Avoid unnecessary words in urls.
  • Don’t use multiple keywords like keywords stuffing like cricket bat-cricket ball-stamp-for-cricket.html.

Easy and simple text use and organize content

You should provide unique and right information. Don’t use misleading information. Avoid grammatical errors. Avoid using large amount of text without subheadings and paragraph. Arrange the content properly as user can easily find the desire answer. Provide new content which will help you by bringing new visitors to your site. Don’t use duplicate content again and again. You can update your old one with new information.

Properly optimize the images

You should use informative filename and alt attribute for image which is best practice for finding your content. If any reason your image can not display then the alt attribute allow the image description. Use short but informative alt name.

Don’t put like image1.jpg, image2.jpg etc. Avoid lengthy file name.

At last, google SEO news is always a changing phenomenon. Almost every year google bring updates in its algorithm. For this you need always provide high quality content with user friendly. Ensure that your site is go with latest google updates and maintain all webmaster guidelines. Rather than buying links earn relevant links which is the best practice for the site. By google latest updates every year different types of brands rise and fall nightly. Have to proactive to do better result. Works for user don’t go after rank.

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