Best health insurance company in New York (Top 6 Company Reviews)

Health insurance Company in New York has a public satisfaction orthodox. Americans are considered as the most conscious nation in all over the world. American’s health insurance companies are dedicated to providing quality health insurance at best possible lower price.  New York is one of the standardized states where organized plans are implemented with various regulations. To enhance consumer protections requiring insurers to remain in the exchange to keep their essential health benefits coverage on state-regulated plans. Here is the New York’s best health insurance company which focuses on their business as well as the client’s satisfaction.

Best Health Insurance Company in New York:

“Health insurance” the best way to secure unexpected and uncertain incidents through illness or accident.  This insurance covers the costs of health care that are recommended by a physician so that clients don’t have to pay large medical bills out of their pocket. Health insurance became mandatory under the Patient Protection, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 in USA and governments established this act to encourage the general peoples to buy their coverage options. As we know that all clients are not from the same financial status and it’s also tricky for clients which one to choose when there are over 100 insurance companies to provide almost the same facilities.

To select a health insurance company there came so many issues to pick up the best one among all. Besides this, your budget is also an important part to be your concern because all insurance companies are not suitable and affordable for everyone. We will discuss the best health insurance company according to general peoples. The best insurance company can select only after measuring income level, tax credit etc. There are several health insurance plans for people of all walks of life and all ages such as family, individual or student plans. By comparing and finding we plot best health insurance coverage in the context of New York’s insurance companies to help you in getting your desired one.

The following list of five insurance companies offers you New York’s best and affordable health coverage.


It has the most prestigious reputation all over the country. Atena’s services include preventive care, hospitalisation, office visits, immunisations, dental plans, disability and employee benefit plans for essential health care services with the convenience of tax-free health saving account plans. They have over 18 million members across the US with more than 1 million health care professionals. The member of Atena has access to more than 5400 hospitals. If you are looking for the best care of your insurance plan, this will be your first choice.

Assurant Health:

The company strives to provide valuable protection plan. When a member receives any medical services Assurant Health secure their insurance coverage. Their health insurance plans designed with a variety of affordable coverage for members where they could find doctor and hospitals by their choice. Besides the limited-benefit and fixed-indemnity plans, they also have supplemental coverage for unexpected illness or injury. Also, they provide international health insurance plans which needed for travellers.

Easy Choice, Atlantis Health Plans:

The mission of Easy Choice is providing New York’s residents with a better and affordable health care service. It started the journey with a vision of building an excellent relationship between clients and service provider. Health care professionals always try to make the best decisions for their clients or patients by using their experiences, skills and knowledge. They have a segment of personal health assessment and recommendations to help clients to make proper decisions.  Their health plans have access to over 33000 physicians in New York. The online care service of Easy Choice is available for 24/7 for their consumers.

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield:

This is one of the largest health insurance providers in New York as well all over the country. They focused on consumer’s financial affordability and made their portfolio according to customer’s needs and budget. They provide Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Point-of-Service (POS) and Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHP). Those policies are available for families and individuals. To achieve your optimum health condition, they implemented The 360° Health program.

Group Health Incorporated:

GHI is the first incorporated and largest nonprofit health insurance company in New York providing coverage to more than 2.1 million residents. They have special programs for teens and mental health. GHI also work for quit smoking, manage diabetes, arthritis or asthma besides other health care services. They work for their patients and offer all benefits regardless of their income. GHI provides useful information on healthy eating for children and adults. Also, they provide maternity care for women, managing blood pressure to their members. And try to more empower them to live a healthy and bloomy life.

MVP Health Plan:

MPV works for both individuals and organization as a nonprofit service provider. They are very concern to improve the condition of their members and organizations. This insurance organizes wellness programs to encourage their clients for healthy activities. They have more than 750,000 members and having access to a wide network of health care providers throughout the states by professionals. Besides health coverage they also give funding solution, financial tool and pharmacy coverage with total Medicare named preferred gold which is considered as the number one advantage plan for health insurance seekers.

You can buy your favorite health insurance services directly from these insurance companies or through a broker. Eventually, you just have to choose services by evaluating your need and budget to get your best health care coverage.

Moreover, if you are unemployed and unable to pay you are qualified for Medicaid that is provided by US government. And if you are a low-income person, Medicare and state exchange or fine exemption is for you. For mid-income individual high deductible health plan could help. Inexpensive qualification plan is more beneficial to you. It will be great for you to put aside high deductible with low premium plans in your choice.

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