(5 Step) How To Become A Real Estate Agent In The USA

The profession of a real estate agent is challenging, and people from various careers enter this profession. In this new era, the young generation seems to be interested in brokers or real estate agents. They might have various perspectives and opinions, but one question is the same. How to become a real estate agent in the USA?

However, this profession requires some process and regulation to follow. One must need a license to practice as a salesperson legally. Moreover, an agent cannot work independently. He must work under any real estate company. So, applying to any real estate company requires few methods to fulfill.

Even every state follows different procedures and requirements. And one must follow any particular state rules to collect the real estate agent. Though it may seem lengthy and a hard process, but it is not so tough at all. The main rules are the same for state candidates.

5 Procedure Of How To Become A Real Estate Agent In The USA

Well, to become a real estate agent, one has to collect a license from a particular state. And every state has its own rules and procedure of issuing licenses. But there are some basic rules and requirements, and that is the same for every state. So, have a look at the requirements which must be met.

Step 1: Know The Particular State Requirements

One must know his state or areas’ rules and regulations. As it is mentioned earlier, every state has different rules to follow. For applying for a real estate agent under a state, one must research his state needs.

The best way to find out the requirements online. Go to the official website of your state you belong to. Then search the procedure on how to apply. And before that, what are the special needs they require to fulfill. Even you visit this website ARELLO Resources also for more to know. However, a few general requirements that are same:

  • Age at least 18 years.
  • Legal residence in the USA.
  • Must pass the higher school certificate or diploma or GED.
  • Must complete the pre-license education.
  • Must pass the license examination of real estate.

Some states have reciprocal license contact with other states. That means, if you get a license from one state, this license can be used by multiple states also.For instance, New York has a mutual license agreement with nine states. Some reciprocal licenses only for brokers. So, check this issue as well so you can work in multiple states using one license.

Step 2: Admit To Pre Licensing Course

Sitting on a real estate license exam and taking the license you must admit any licensing school or institute. The institute prepares for sitting on the exam. There are, however, required hours one must complete according to state. In New York, the class limit is 75 hours, and California is 135 hours.

For sitting on the exam, one must complete the course first. There are many schools or institutes that offer the course for a minimum fee. So, search it online if any real estate license institute is available. On the other hand, there are differences in classes well. Some are online classes, and some are face to face classes.

That means you have to be present physically. Enroll in the class that you think comfortable for you. You also give some extra time to yourself for the preparation. And even, when you feel you are prepared enough to take the exam, you should sit in the exam. But ensure that the school is legal and has permission for the course.

Step 3: Sit In The Licensing Exam

Before proceeding to the exam, you have some formalities to complete. You must fulfill a form from the state you are applying to. Your institute has informed you about that, or you can download the application form from the state website.

Apart from this, the application form may ask for your detailed information and identity card and fingerprint. You must deposit the fee with the application form as well. After submitting everything either in the office or online, you can take the exam.It takes a few days for approving everything and permission for sitting the exam. So, you must learn time management. And complete everything in a way you can be approved for the exam.

Step 4: Pass The Licensing Exam

There are chances for retaking the licensing exam if you fail for the first time. Then you have to apply and deposit the fees again. However, it depends on the limitation of the state on how many times a candidate can retake. The format of the exam is computerized and multiple-choice questions.

The question paper contains two sections, and each section requires a separate passing mark. That means you have to pass on both sections separately. One section contains the general question about real estate. And another part contains the question about real estate principles and laws.Furthermore, there are time requirements for publishing the result. In this time, you have a few more works to complete.

Step 5: Find a Brokerage or Firm

One must find for a brokerage he wants to work or interested in working with. Real estate advisors don’t work individually. They have to practice under any firm or brokerage.So, after completing the exam, one duty is to fill out the form of any brokerage. If they find all your papers and qualifications sufficient and fulfill their requirement, they may appoint you. But it doesn’t mean you can work as an agent. The license to work as a real estate agent must be on your hand.If you pass with a passing grade, the state will inform you. Then collect the certificate and work under any brokerage. However, it takes time to become a real advisor or agent of an estate because it requires experience. Moreover, there are a few more steps to apply in brokerage.

Consider To Become A Realtor

Realtors are members of the NAR (National Association of Realtors) trade association of the USA. That represents brokers, agents, salespeople, property managers, counselors, appraisers, etc. The title realtor carries more weight and respect than the real estate agent.

Even it will let you have more access to the entire system. You will have market data, statistics, research, educational opportunities(discount, sponsorship). That will make it easy to succeed in life.Even the amount of earning is higher than the usual agent. If your goal is to become a real estate agent, see the dream of reaching the highest level of the stair of success.

Personal Skills To Become A Real Estate Agent

Qualified degree from a popular institute cannot make you a successful real estate agent. You must have a dream first to be a real estate agent. Then you must also have the personal quality to fit for this profession.

There are lots of examples that some became the highest-paid agent, and some ended up quitting. We know who wants to be a real estate advisor. They have that merit. This profession is not for a shy and introverted person. So, have a look at the characteristics one should require:


To become successful in this profession, you need patience first. You have to consider working under your seniors. You won’t get that much commission the first time. Even you might face difficulties handling clients from the very beginning.

But if you have the passion and take it as a career, you must overcome the difficulties. First of all, you have to know how to deal with clients. You have to know about real estate principles and rules. Then slowly, the clients might be interested in working with you. And the seniors will also be satisfied with your working progress.

Local Knowledge

Local knowledge means under the state you work, know the residential and commercial areas. As well as the sellers and buyers around you. The more you create neighborhoods, the more people will be interested in your firm. Even you can help them to find a suitable property. It ‘s just like memorizing math.

When you communicate with a client, they notice the knowledge of yours. How much do you know about the property! It is not possible to carry a leaflet of property and price listing. Sometimes you have to offer to buy an apartment by describing all details from your knowledge.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills means understanding the client’s demand and acting according to their choice. The more you keep them updated, the more the mutual understanding will develop. Even it is better to behave in a friendly way but professionally.

Then you will notice they are sharing and discussing many things with you. It will help to understand clients’ characteristics. At the same time, communicate with your seniors as well. How you can improve yourself, what they want from you etc. After all, it is a business. And you must have to create a relationship with both your boss and clients.

Rules and Laws

There must be rules and laws for purchasing and selling land. And it is essential to know everything about it. For buying or selling any property, we go through formalities and legal procedures. If a salesperson doesn’t regard any property, he cannot inform clients.

So, an advisor must learn the legal procedure regarding any property. Then he should inform his clients what he has to face. And the process the client has to go through. It is the duty of an agent to inform every single detail to his clients and help them to come out of it.


A good real estate agent must have and follow some ethics. Like he must be hard working. Without the dedication and hard work, it is tough to shine in this profession. Even an agent’s first priority to his clients. How can he service to his clients and satisfy them!

Besides, the privacy of his own firm or brokerage. Every brokerage has its own ethics, and the workers must follow that. An agent must be friendly and professional toward clients, but he also obeys the company ethics. He should not share anything with anyone that is private. He must learn to maintain the confidential mater private and not share one client’s data to another.


A good sense of humor is god gifted. You cannot achieve it from the university. The person has a sense of humor; he can handle any adverse situation. He understands the circumstances and quickly handles it.Even it attracts clients too. However, by obtaining experience and dealing with different customers, one can gain some intelligence. Like providing the best solution to clients, offering the best property, advice to wait for a pick season to sell property, etc.


We all learned in our childhood that honesty is a great virtue! It is not enough to have honesty. You have to prove you are honest with your words and works. Only then you can achieve faith from your customers and co-workers. For example, try to keep the words you promised to your clients.If you cannot keep so, make them understand logically. And also, manage time and be punctual. You will be able to gain your boss’s trust. Then you may be assigned for a big project. Success in a big project means promotion and more commission!

Final Words

One needs the desire to become a real estate agent, and that’s half the procedure complete. If one thinks this profession is suitable for him, he must go a long way in this sector. The other process becomes easy for him.

However, the method discussed here is the basic rules but universal for everyone. Even the brokerage can assist by providing the info on how to apply to their firm. We assume the instruction of how to become a real estate agent in the USA will make proceeding one step of becoming an agent.

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