How To Become A Real Estate Agent Basic Rules and Regulation
Current Date:July 28, 2021
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How To Become A Real Estate Agent Basic Rules and Regulation

There are millions of real estate firms and brokerages available over the world. Billions of agents or advisors are working under these firms.Things are changed in this modern epoch. People are moving away from the concept of being a doctor or engineer.Now they want to work where there is diversity existing. They like to take challenges and obviously have a tendency to achieve anything in a short time.The real estate business is almost like that! You will find versatility, various experiences, and scope to meet new people every day. You don’t need to study a yearlong to be a real estate agent.A short course program gets you the license and chance to work under various companies. Moreover, it is tough but not impossible, to build a successful career. An agent makes money by closing a deal with clients. In one deal, the commission an agent gets, it is more than a year’s salary of a normal job.

5 Basic Process Of How To Become A Real Estate Agent

Becoming a real estate agent is quite a challenging job. It requires knowledge, long time experience, and convincing power. It cannot guarantee you a good amount of commission in the beginning. It takes time to make money in this profession.But perseverance and patience can offer a respective position and earning opportunity than a doctor or lawyer. However, anyone interested to know the steps of becoming a sales advisor, the simple process are given below:

Step 1: General Requirement To Be Eligible To Apply

The requirements could be more or less according to any state or country. But the basic needs or rules are the same in all regions. We will focus on the main requirements of a country.

  • Minimum 18 or 19 years old.
  • Permanent residence of any country.
  • Documents of personal information with fingerprints.
  • Must have completed higher school or degree or similar certificate.
  • Must have completed pre-license education.
  • Pass the pre-license test with a passing grade.
  • No criminal background or history.

Step 2: Admit In A Pre-license Course

A candidate must enroll in a licensing course and attend the classes. There is a specific requirement according to the region of a country how long a candidate should be attending the classes. In California, a candidate needs to fulfill 135 hours. In Virginia, an applicant must fulfill 60 hours of training, for example.

However, the training course offers various types of classes. You either may find a face to face class or online class. In face to face training, you will be assigned a trainer with other students. There will be discussion, teaching, mock tests, etc. most of the candidates find this method effective and beneficial. Another type, of course, is online classes. The candidates who engage in other jobs or work mostly prefer this method. The reason is they hardly manage time to attend classes.

So, whatever the sort of class a person likes, he must be regular in the classes. The certificate they issue after completing the course is also an important document in the following steps. Apart from this, an applicant must be punctual and attentive in each course. In the 3 or 4 days class, different principles and rules are taught. The terms are usually teched related to real estate principle:

  • Escrow.
  • Encumbrance.
  • Lien etc.

Other related areas such as pricing, dealing with clients, current market position, etc. are also included. So, visit the website of your state commission of real estate. You will find the listing institute and requirements. The course takes approximately $200-300.

Step 3: Register For Licensing Exam

After successful completion of the course and enough preparation, an applicant can register for the licensing exam. Go to the official website of the state commission and find the entry slot. There must be rules and procedures to apply for the exam.

Follow the process and select a date for the exam. To confirm your entry exam fee must be paid on time. The exam charge is around $100-300. Apart from this, applicants must know what the exam looks like. The exam paper consists of two separate papers. One part covers the real estate rules and principles, and another part covers state law. There is a passing grade in the individual paper. Every candidate must achieve the grade for getting the license.

But statistics show that 50% of students fail the first exam. However, an applicant can retake the exam if he fails. Every state has different requirements on how many times an applicant can retake. Usually, retaking can occur for two years. After that, the licensing course must have been retaken.

Step 4: Collect The License

You will be informed by the authority when the result will be published. If you pass, you will be notified either by email or phone call. Primarily the certificate will be found on the site of state real estate. But the main copy must be collected from the office. Then you can apply to any brokerage or company.

For applying to any real estate company, you need the certificate along with other documents. However, the process is not finished yet. You may apply for membership in MLS Multiple Listing Services. It will help to increase the knowledge of this area. The dealing process, tax, property, communication with clients, and other brokerages. For taking membership, one needs to pay for membership.

Step 5: Join A Real Estate Brokerage

The final stage is to apply to a brokerage firm to work as a salesperson. Only the license doesn’t allow you to work individually. You must work under any firm or company. So, after getting the license, you should apply for an appointed agent. You can visit the website of any firm or physically go to their office. Any company you like and feel suitable for you can apply there.

For applying, you must submit documents, certificates, etc. The real estate firms are license holders by the state commission. You can take the license of a broker, but it is better to go through as an agent. After appointing as an agent, you can freely work as an advisor under their control. A real estate agent earns by the commission on a property sale. A percentage takes the brokerage and the agent from the total price of a property.

Additional: Become A Realtor

A licensed agent can be a realtor. For this, he has to be a member of NAR. That controls the real estate business and related all data. It is more receptive than a normal agent. By achieving the title, an agent can use this title instead of the word agent. A realtor has more power and respect than an agent. He has access to the information section, market, buyer and seller list, etc.A realtor’s work isn’t limited only to dealing with clients. A realtor works with brokers, firms, attends meetings, and so on. That’s why consider being a realtor. This will help much building a career in the real estate business.

Benefits Of Becoming A Real Estate Agent

Those who are confused about which profession might be suitable for them. Or why a person should become a salesperson this writing may help them. Even it assists in taking the decision for a career. So, have a look at the facilities of a real estate agent:

  • Enhancement Of Business Knowledge.
  • Expansion Of Contact Network.
  • Commission And Extra Income.
  • More Deals And Contracts.
  • Engaged In Development Work.

Enhancement Of Business Knowledge

To become an agent, first of all, you must be known for property, laws, and rules. Successful completion of the course gives you the license. So it can be said the first step you have already overcome. Then the following steps you have to achieve by dealing, researching, and working with other agents.The more you know about this business, the more you offer the property to your clients. So, it takes a long time to understand the whole procedure fully. That’s why try to be a realtor to have more access to the system. A realtor gets sponsorship and study help too.

Expansion Of Contact Network

A real estate business network is worldwide. A brokerage can expand the business to the entire world. And it is necessary to increase the network to meet new people. That will bring the clients, business partners. For an agent, it is highly recommended to communicate with people.This enhances the knowledge and professional relation with people. A salesperson of property cannot work separately, So he needs tight bonding with his colleagues. Even a mutual understanding with customers also helps to come in discussion and deal.

Commission And Extra Income

There are chances to earn a lot with a regular income and extra income. Usually, an agent earns by completing a deal with a customer. For example, if a customer sells or purchases any particular property, his agent will receive a little percentage of the property price. It doesn’t mean everyday selling and purchasing occurred. A top-class agent may connect with multiple clients.

But for new agents, it takes months to bring clients and make an interest in deals. So, an advisor with a basic commission may need few clients to buy a property for his own. Study the high-class top-rated agent how much they earn monthly. That will give you a clear concept. And the extra income like brokerage asks to bring an interested customer. For exchange, they give an amount of money.Moreover, property selling or purchasing cannot be done by only one advisor. There could be multiple advisors related and handle one project. So, this way, an agent has the opportunity to earn some extra money.

More Deals And Contract

One customer brings another hundred customers. This is the theory of business. So, it’s no different in the real estate business either. If your clients are satisfied with your services, they will come further to deal with you.Even they can suggest people about your firm or any salesman to have a contractual relationship. This is one kind of free advertising as well. The more the business expands, the more deals are signed. The real estate business is teamwork. The life of this business depends on this deal and contracts.

Engaged In Development Work

The work of real estate management is not only to help to sell or purchase land. They engaged in multiple tasks. They gather interested people to work with them. They offer new property as their demand. They advise and disclose all the related issues about the property. It is their duty to help a client entirely.

Besides, they list down the selling land or apartment and advertise. They research the current market price. Finally, they bring clients to sellers. This way, they help sellers. The dual agent works for both sellers and buyers. Moreover, they participate in development works also.Like a construction company that builds an apartment and they can hire real estate agents to sell their flat etc. however, the works a real estate agents or brokerage is done by given below:

  • List down the property ready to sell or buy.
  • Pricing the property according to the market price.
  • Supervise the teamwork and allocate work to the team.
  • Advertise the property to popular media, leaflet, newspaper, or even to clients.
  • Advise the seller or buyer by giving the right decision or suggestion.
  • Report the feedback from clients to teams.


All we can say is that it is not an easy task overall. You need to do hard work to get the license. Besides, a company to appoint and give you the scope to work with them. At the same time, if you are strict about your dream, you must reach your destination.It provides chances to earn more than any other profession in a short time. This way, it is easy to develop a career. However, we hope that the info about how to become a real estate agent will help the newbies.

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