How To Get A Real Estate License In California/Easy Steps

The American people dream to purchase a house in the places, California is one of them. They make the state more populous by creating their address there. So, the house marketing business is in top position. The apartment and flat prices are increasing every year. It is an excellent chance for anyone’s career to pick up this season.Being professional as a real estate advisor can assist in reaching a higher position of career.

Even it gives the opportunity to earn lots of money by advising and helping to purchase a property. However, in California, many candidates apply to sit for the license exam every day. Oppositely, many interested people don’t know how to get a real estate license.

So, this article is for those people who come to know various things about the real estate business. Besides, the applying process, how to get the license, etc. Even there is a chance to become a successful broker in this profession.

How To Get A Real Estate License In California

Getting the salesperson license of a real estate business, a candidate must go through some procedure. He has to take a particular exam and obtain a passing grade. Before that, a candidate must fulfill the general requirement.That enables them to take program courses and sit the exam. So, we will look at the primary requirements first that is universal of all state of USA:

  • An applicant must be at least or above 18 years old.
  • An applicant must be USA permanent residence.
  • No criminal record against the applicant.
  • An applicant must be honest in providing personal information.
  • An applicant must take the pre-licensing course and pass the course final exam.
  • An applicant must sit in the licensing exam and pass with the passing mark.

Now we’ll view the full process of how to apply and take the exam in California below:

Process 1: Pre-licensing Course

A pre-licensing course is a course that teaches the area of real estate programs. The course consists of class, mock test, and final exam. Which a candidate must pass to sit in the license exam.Every state has different requirements for the duration of the course. For California, it is 135 hours. In this duration, the program teaches:

  • Real Estate Principles. (45 hours)
  • Real Estate Finance. (45 hours)
  • Real Estate Practices. (45 hours)

Therefore, one must admit to the institute that has the approval of this particular course. There are options online and face to face classes. No matter what kinds of school an applicant chooses for the course.One must fulfill the demand of the state requirement. As California wants 135 hours. Here we sorted out a few popular and affordable online schools.

  • Kaplan-$179
  • Real Estate Express-$119
  • The CE Shop-$129
  • OnCourse Learning-$129

Process 2: Pass The Final Exam

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