How To Get A Real Estate License In California/Easy Steps
Current Date:June 15, 2021
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How To Get A Real Estate License In California/Easy Steps

The American people dream to purchase a house in the places, California is one of them. They make the state more populous by creating their address there. So, the house marketing business is in top position. The apartment and flat prices are increasing every year. It is an excellent chance for anyone’s career to pick up this season.Being professional as a real estate advisor can assist in reaching a higher position of career. Even it gives the opportunity to earn lots of money by advising and helping to purchase a property. However, in California, many candidates apply to sit for the license exam every day. Oppositely, many interested people don’t know how to get a real estate license.

So, this article is for those people who come to know various things about the real estate business. Besides, the applying process, how to get the license, etc. Even there is a chance to become a successful broker in this profession.

How To Get A Real Estate License In California

Getting the salesperson license of a real estate business, a candidate must go through some procedure. He has to take a particular exam and obtain a passing grade. Before that, a candidate must fulfill the general requirement.That enables them to take program courses and sit the exam. So, we will look at the primary requirements first that is universal of all state of USA:

  • An applicant must be at least or above 18 years old.
  • An applicant must be USA permanent residence.
  • No criminal record against the applicant.
  • An applicant must be honest in providing personal information.
  • An applicant must take the pre-licensing course and pass the course final exam.
  • An applicant must sit in the licensing exam and pass with the passing mark.

Now we’ll view the full process of how to apply and take the exam in California below:

Process 1: Pre-licensing Course

A pre-licensing course is a course that teaches the area of real estate programs. The course consists of class, mock test, and final exam. Which a candidate must pass to sit in the license exam.Every state has different requirements for the duration of the course. For California, it is 135 hours. In this duration, the program teaches:

  • Real Estate Principles. (45 hours)
  • Real Estate Finance. (45 hours)
  • Real Estate Practices. (45 hours)

Therefore, one must admit to the institute that has the approval of this particular course. There are options online and face to face classes. No matter what kinds of school an applicant chooses for the course.One must fulfill the demand of the state requirement. As California wants 135 hours. Here we sorted out a few popular and affordable online schools.

  • Kaplan-$179
  • Real Estate Express-$119
  • The CE Shop-$129
  • OnCourse Learning-$129

Process 2: Pass The Final Exam

After completing the course, one sits and passes the final exam. The test is not easy, and most of the students fail. But passing the exam, hard-working and proper preparation are needed. However, the passing grade is 70%, and a student can take two attempts for this exam.

After the successful completion, you will need the three-course passing certificate. You can download the certificate from the website. Your instructor will guide you all the process. Remember, this is only the course final exam. You have to take the license exam as well.

Process 3: Complete the Exam Application

After getting the certificate, of course, the final exam, you must complete the license exam form. For filling out the form, you need some documents:

  • Completion certificate of 3 courses.
  • Fingerprints.
  • Personal information.
  • Exam fee
  • License application fee

The form is available on the bureau’s website. Print out the form from the website. Fingerprint scanning services are available all over the California State. But there is also a list of the services available on the website. We recommend filling out and applying for the licensing application at the same time.You can apply later for the licensing application. The reason is the applying process is the same as the exam application and time saver. However, anyone wishing to apply after ensuring the passing of the exam, they can apply for it later.

Process 4: Schedule and Pass the Exam

After processing the exam application by the authority of the real estate state, one must schedule the exam. We highly recommend using the E-licensing option from the bureau’s website. This allows you to choose the time and date of the exam as you want.But if you want to select any date, the state will pick a date for you. So, make sure you choose your time for sitting the exam. In California, there are five different locations to conduct the exam.

  • Los Angeles
  • Sacramento
  • Fresno
  • San Diego.
  • Oakland

Apart from this, the exam is three hours and fifteen minutes long. The question paper comes with two different sections. One part consists of having questions about real estate principles. Another part consists of the law of state etc. The candidates will have multiple choice questions totaling 150 questions. Each paper has to be passed separately. You must obtain at least 70% total to pass the exam.So, the exam is not so easy. For good preparation, take the online sample test and exam. To sit in the exam, you must bring the following belonging along with you:

  • Photo ID. (Valid driving license/passport/govt issuing ID)
  • Exam Admittance Form. (Provided by bureau’s website)

Process 5: Apply For The Licensing Application

All passing students are allowed to apply for their agent license. If anyone does not apply with the exam application, he is required to apply for the license. One can apply after getting his result.Usually, it takes five working days to publish results. But if you are participating in an online exam, the result will be published immediately after completing the exam. For applying for the license you need:

  • Completion certificate of 3 courses.
  • Fingerprints.
  • Personal information.
  • License application fee.
  • Certificate of the Result.

Your license won’t be sent as long as state authorities find all the necessary documents.

Process 6: Choose A Brokerage

The final and last step is to find a firm or company that best suits you. You must work under a brokerage. Only the license is not everything. You cannot practice as an individual with the license.You must work under any well-established company. If you take the license of California real estate. Then you should find the California real estate company to work. Before considering any brokerage, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the reputation of the company both nationally and internationally?
  • What types of salespeople or advisors are they searching for?
  • Is the company technologically advanced with a recent trend?
  • How an agent benefited from the training and education of the company?
  • How much does an agent earn monthly?
  • Does the company offer any benefits to it’s agents?
  • What are their statistics in marketing policy?

After finding all the answers to the above question positively, you can apply it to the company. After getting the license in your hand, you only can apply to any brokerage.

How To Become A Real Estate Broker In California

The question may arise on how to become a real estate broker. Even an agent has the opportunity to become a broker. Broker means extra commission and reputation than an agent.And also, one must try for a better career. The procedure is the same as the real estate agent procedure. Moreover, it is easy if anyone has a salesperson license. So, have a look at the process below:


First of all, you need to be a real estate agent. The basic requirements are the same as the agent-ship. Then you must have a minimum of two years’ experience out of a five years career.Otherwise, four years degree from an institute that real estate education is compulsory or optional. Then an agent can apply for a broker license. So, it will take less than one year to get the license. But who doesn’t have the experience, he might need three years to get the license.


All brokers must complete the six required subjects along with the three pre-licensing subjects. The subjects are approved by California DRE. The six modules are:

  • The practice of Real Estate.
  • Legal Aspects.
  • Finance of Real Estate.
  • Appraisal.
  • General Accounting or Economics of Real Estate.

This education can be obtained from a real estate approved school or institute by the state. This condition is not applicable to members of the Bar of California state. But still, they have to show two years’ experience. Or two years of law education related to real estate.


For a broker license, one must apply to the license exam and pass it with the required grade. After fulfilling all the requirements of education and experience, you can apply for the exam. For applying to the exam you need the below documents:

  • Pre-licensing certificate of sales agent.
  • Real estate license.
  • Two years of work experience.
  • Application fee.

And also the relevant education certificate of the broker. All the documents, along with the application form and fee, must be submitted. California DRE will approve the application then you can sit for the exam. You should visit the site for more information.


It will take six weeks to process your exam form by the California DRE. Then you will be notified via email to select a slot for sitting in the exam. Choose the time from available slots, or otherwise, you will be put to any random date.In California, the exam places are the same as the real estate agent license. Apart from this, the exam can be taken under supervisor attendance or an online exam. The exam has a total of 200 MCQ. The time is divided by two blocks, two and half an hour. The passing mark is 70% in total. One must overcome the passing mark to get the license.

However, anyone who fails in their first attempt can retake the exam. But if anyone doesn’t pass within two years, even if retaking, they must reapply the process. So, the exam is obviously hard but not impossible to pass. Visit the California DRE site to view the exam question. That will give you an overall idea of the exam.


After passing the exam successfully, you can get the license as a broker. For the online exam, the result will be out immediately. But the other forms of the exam require a few days to publish the result. If you pass the exam, you can activate your broker license.For activating the license, you need the fingerprint to submit by scanning. Your fingerprints must be notarized if you are applying out of the California state. That’s it. The state authority will inform you of how to collect the broker license. After receiving the license, you can start a brokerage business.

Real Estate Business

The license of a real estate agent allows only a salesperson. But the broker permits him to open his own business. That means you can appoint other agents to your business to work with.Brokerage means expansion of business, network, contract, and more commission. Even you can create employment for newbies. By establishing a real estate company, you can contribute to the economy.


The rules of the real estate business are every candidate takes their license from their state. Even their business area is also restricted under the state. Some states have a Reciprocity Agreement that allows other state agents to work in the state.However, California doesn’t have this type of agreement. So, California’s applicant must take a license from California and work under the state. Any candidate doesn’t need a permanent residence in the state. But the brokerages must need a business address in California. So, these are the process of how to get a real estate license in California.

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