How to Work Credit Card Reader – Easy and Simple Tricks

How to work credit card reader you must know everything about its processing and technological system. You will have glad to hear that every year in the western countries transactions depends on credit and debit cards more and more. There is a trustworthy report in the UK; at least 70% people carry on their payment through credit cards. Those are really workable over on smartphones.

What is Credit Card Reader?

How to work credit card reader let me describe, actually credit card is a one kind of electronic card. That helps to withdraw money from recommended Bank or ATM booth. Now I’m going to tell about credit card reader, this card can read customer’s credit card security communicate information and card information that occurs in transaction bank network. There is a card terminal which detects payment flow processing in the credit card.

Merchant Account

How to work credit card reader“, this term involve with the merchant account that needs to set up at first. To getting first services you must complete the processing as soon as possible. If you have any problem, you can get solve with short time. There are so many merchant services in the world such as PayPal.

Receipt Printer

The receipt printer is one of the most significant features of credit card readers.  You use your card to getting payment, every time you will have to get payment terminal receipt. Through this card reader, you will get total account report about your live amount. So receipt printer is a part and parcel of credit card reader.


Remember, you can’t use your electronic card without an internet connection. In this section, you must choose what type of card you want to use for your business. Just you connect your card with internet network such as the phone.

You must know differences between credit cards and debit cards

At first, you have to know how to work credit card reader then realize what the difference between credit cards and debit cards is. Both cards payment terminals system is same and credit card and debit card are same devices. But there is a little bit different of both cards. It depends on what types of transaction you like to use. If you choose the credit card, you will charge pre-determined fees and if you like to use the debit card you will charge usually.

Credit card Processing Explained

There are three stages of credit card processing explained. Now let’s go to describe them those are authorization, Settlement, and capture.

First: Authorization

How to work credit card reader this topic now will be disclosed with the stage of authorization. When a customer or square seller dips a card then a payment request automatically sent to the square. At this time we get some instruction to getting payment and when the customer fills up all required step by step the bank requirement. At the last stage of this processing, customer request will be pending to having money. And bank authorize must conform customers amount and others information for clear his identity.

Second: Capture

In this section, the amount moves from the credit card to require company bank. In this system, a lot of amounts can go across the bank. This system sometimes called batching system.

Third: Settlement

This is the very important day for both, it’s called pay day. In this system, the seller can deposit his money through credit card. The seller can get money fast through this settlement day. On the other hand, square sellers can receive their money any business days. Yes, we have known that how to work credit card reader manually through the bank and card.

How does Magstripe Credit Card Readers Work?

Really a magstripe credit card reader is updated technological card. When you need to withdraw money, swipe your magstripe stripe card. The high technology informs the bank to transmit information to the card reader. And all processing are (according to the bank requirement) started to pending.

How EMV Credit Card Readers work

This Chip card or EMV card is more user-friendly than magstripe card. It is also securing then that magstripe card. There is same processing to getting money from the bank. This card is very popular in UK and USA. EMV credit card providing all over the world and its supporting system are very easy.

At the end of this discussion, we have realized that how to work credit card reader to money transaction, getting information from the bank and the customers. So really, credit card reader is a very useful device for the modern age.

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