How Can Improve My Credit Score Easily

Are you trying to save some money and searching for the question “how can I improve my credit score easily?” In this article, you will get some useful tips for improving the credit score. If your credit score is bad, you have to pay the high-interest rate. If you can improve it to 720, it is an excellent range. Many of us try to get on the better footing, but most of us have bad credit scores. The improvement will take one to two months. You cannot boost your credit score overnight. However, follow the instructions and these will help you to increase the credit score.

Credit score

A credit score is made from the information of the credit score. The credit score will differ between the lenders. When the credit report shows some missed payments, it is the cause of high interest because the lenders think they take the high risk to give you the loan. So, check your report and learn your mistakes. When the credit score is 700 or more than 700, it is considered as good. The score more than 800 is the excellent score. Most of the people have the scores between 600 to 750.

Factors affecting credit score

There are many factors that can affect your credit score. The history of payment of the loans and the late payment affect the credit score. The credit amounts type and number also the factor. You may recently open some credit accounts. The accounts will affect the credit score. Besides, the public records such as civil judgments and the tax liens also the factors which affect your credit score.

Ways to improving my credit score easily

There are many tricks and way to improve the credit score. Now I am describing some of them. Now it will be easy for you that how can I improve my credit score.

Clean up the credit records

I make a request to for a free report on credit from one of the biggest companies such as TransUnion, Experian, Equifax. Then I save the yearly reports on my computer. You can do this. When you get the reports and can examine everything. You will see the accounts which will show that the payments are late or unpaid. If the information is not true, the report will tell you where you can send the dispute. So, it seems that a clean report is important to increase the credit score.

Try to pay at least twice a month

You can think that it is good to pay off the card every month.  But the creditors report the balances only one time a month. So, if anyone uses the big balance every month, it will seem that he is overusing his credit. As an example, you may have a card which limit is $1000. You can use the card for every purpose. But you see that every month, you go to the limit. In fact, you receive the statement that you owe $1000. The card company will report the balance statement every month. However, it is not good for you. You can solve this problem if you break up the credit card payment. When you see that the balance of the card is low, send the payments. In addition, you can purchase your necessary things with the cash.

Have a credit card

Having this plastic piece can do something good to your credit score. It will be better to pay the bill on time and use it carefully. However, use the credit card as a responsible one. Take a secured one

Setup a payment reminder

It is an important factor to make the credit payment on time to increase the credit score. Some of the banks provide the payment reminder on the online portals from where you will get the email which reminds you when you are late to give the payment. You can also consider an automatic payment from your credit card.


You are not allowed to stop billing when you are an unemployed person. But there is a way and it is that you can tell the creditors to “erase” your debt of the past. Then write a letter to offer the creditor to pay the balance which is remaining if the creditor agrees to report that “paid as agreed” or remove them altogether. If you are a good visa customer before being unemployed and at that time, you made any late payment, you can write a letter to the Visa company by asking them for a good history to remove the bad credit report. Sometimes, the technique will help you.

Pay down the balance

The FICO Company calculates that 30 percent of the credit score comes from the amount somebody owes. However, you owe is important when it is compared with your having credit. The ratio is known as the credit utilization. You should try to keep the credit utilization less than 30 percent. When you owe more than your limited amount, pay down the balance which will help you to boost your credit score.

Increasing credit limits

It is not always possible for anyone to pay down his balances. But in this situation, you can take a different step to improve the credit utilization. You can call the creditor and can ask him to increase the credit limit. If you are maxed out is $1000 and you get the limit increase $2000, you can instantly cut half of the utilization rate. But do not do that for your new credit. But do not increase the spending habit.

Opening new account

You can apply for a credit card from a different creditor. It will also help you to limit the utilization rate. However, opening the multiple accounts is not good.

Keep outstanding balance

If you ask me “how can I improve my credit score?” Then I can show you some way. To keep your balance outstanding, you cannot clean the past mistakes of your credit report but you can do some control by doing some settle. If you have no cash to offer a settlement, you can sell your stuff.

Don’t close any of your cards

If you cancel any credit card, it can cause the drop of the available credits. It is not a good thing to the bureau. You can use the card to pay the utility bills to keep the card active. However, it will not any problem to you to manage your card.

Reduce the owd amount

Reducing the owe is a good idea for improving credit score. To do this, you need to stop using your credit card. You can also make a list from the credit report of all the accounts and check the recent statements to know your owe. Then you can know about the interest rate of your accounts. Then make a payment plan and see your budget of the payments of highest interest.

Become the authorized user

If any of the suggestion is not working, the final option is to be an authorized user on your friend’s credit card who can manage his card very well. But you can hear “No” from someone but do not be surprised. So, it means that you may need to convince your relatives or friends to add you on their credit card.  You can offer him to put the agreement on how much you spend and how much you share the bill. Then take your part and be responsible while using the card. However, do not buy much more than your afford. As an authorized user, the account will show the credit report for the time when a card has been issued in the name of the user. In this way, your score will boost.

Why credit score is important

A credit score is a tool for lenders to make a decision that how you repay the loan on fixed time. Sometimes it is called as the risk score because it helps lenders to know about the risk that someone is not able to pay the loan on time.

It is important to me to improve my credit score because it determines if I am good for the loan. However, your savings depends on the interest rate. The savings vary from hundreds to thousands according to the interest rate of your loan. Your better credit score will also help you to rent a good apartment. A credit score is as like as the schools’ report card. But a credit score is not part of the credit history. When the lenders request for the score according to their choice, credit score is generated.

When you buy a car or a house, the credit score is then a part of your financing picture. The score will help the lenders to determine that you qualify for the loan and what will be the good terms of this loan. It is not only the matter. A credit report contains some details such as the total amount of owe, types of your credit and much more.

How can I find my credit score?

There are some credit scoring companies but the main are three. Credit club, Clear Score are the companies who provide the credit report in details. But sometimes, they can delay for two months to update the information. These agencies offer various loans to the customers. It helps them to give the service for free. If somebody wants to borrow money, it will be better to search for the deals before borrowing through these agencies.

Credit-building card

To improve your poor credit score, you may want to have a credit-building card. But it will cost a high rate interest than aother standard credit card. You may have to pay over 30% in interest every year. Otherwise, you need to end the debt and increase the credit score.

How to report any mistake on your credit report

If you find any mistakes done by the credit reporting company, you can challenge the company by giving a report to the reference agency. They will get 28 days to remove the miss information or can tell you why they do that. At that time, the mistake will turn as the disputed file and the lenders cannot rely on this to know your credit score. It is also a better step to talk to the credit provider for the incorrect information. The lenders can solve the problem. But in the case of accurate information on the file, you will face the debt problem and even can lose your job. But if you add the notice to correct the credit report, you can get back your service. The “notice of correction” is a simple statement of 200 words about what actually happened.

For the young borrower

Someone may think that there is no record of borrowing report or any missed payment report is not available on the strongest report. But there is no difference between a user who has no report or has a poor credit report. The matter is because lenders do not get any information how anyone manages his money. The missing payments of your utility bill also affect the credit score. However, if you are able to show that you are managing money well while applying for a credit, it will help you to get a better credit score.

If you apply to buy big things as home or car or to get the cell phone contract, then it is difficult to have the good credit score. So, it is better to improve the credit score sooner than later. As an example, if someone applies for the student bank account, his or her credit report will reduce the interest-free overdraft. If a student wants to have a credit card, the lenders will decide the suitable credit limit for him according to the credit report. So, at the time of applying for a credit, lenders check the address and name against your electoral roll. It is important to be a voter to boost the credit score.

I hope now is it clear to you how I can improve my credit score. If you follow the tips carefully and do not make any mistake, you will able to make a good credit score.

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