Largest Mining Companies in the World (Top 50 Largest Mining Companies)

The process of the mine elements depends largely on the largest mining companies in the world.Mines are the natural resources found deep in the earth. However, these are the sources of different energies. We need these elements for different uses. The major mines are of metals like Gold, Iron, Silver, Bronx, Coal, and Gas. There are many mining companies who take up the mining element. They extract them from under the ground, refine them, sell them or make various types of valuable things. These companies deal with a huge amount of mines as well as economy. Moreover, these companies not only contribute to the raw elements but also to the production.

The top-most mining companies have made a huge amount of $842 billion this year. The companies added about $258 billion in the capitalization of the market in 2017. We know that Gold was the most leading material in the last year’s first half. But silver, iron, and other elements also rose in market price in the last half. All these elements should be used properly for their best use. And the mining companies are the ones behind this progress.

Top 50 Largest Mining Companies

Across the world, there are a number of mining companies. Now, I am going to delineate the top 50 largest mining companies in the world to you.

  1. BHP Billiton: The top most mining company is BHP Billiton. It is situated in Melbourne, Australia. This company has no particular mine element. It deals with different types of mines. However, the change percentage within one year is 57.1. And, the company has created a huge amount of 90.67 billion USD in capitalization this year.
  2. Rio Tinto: Rio Tinto is the second place among the largest mining companies in the world. It is in Melbourne, Australia. It also has no fix mine element. And the change rate of this company is 62.1%. It has made 74.04 billion USD in 2017.

3. Glencore: At the 3rd place, there is Glencore. Its head office is in Baar, Switzerland. This company extracts different mine elements. It has a yearly change rate of 99.3%. However, its total capital is 55.98 billion USD.

4. China Shenhua Energy: A Chinese mining company is in the 4th place. Its name is China Shenhua Energy. The head office stands in Dongcheng, China. This company mainly extracts Coal. The change is 56.2% per year. It has made USD 54.96 billion in 2017.

  1. Vale: Vale has made its place in 5. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is its main official place. Raw Materials of Steel is the target element. The change rate is 95.3% and 48.31 billion USD is its yearly income.
  2. Coal India:There is an Indian company in mining business. Its name is Coal India. The company is in Kolkata, India. Coal is its only extracting element. It has changed 2.8% and the company succeeded to earn 28.18 billion USD this year.
  3. Southern Copper:Southern Copper is in the 7th place in rating. The office of this company is in Phoenix, United States. Base Metals are the main objectives of this company. However, 30.4% is the change rate of this organization. It’s earning28.04 billion USD in a year.
  4. Norilsk Nickel:At the8th place, there is Norilsk Nickel. The major works are done in Moscow, Russia. Base Metals are the objects to extract. The company’s change rate is 3.1%. However, the success is that it has made USD of 25.30 billion.
  5. Barrick Gold: Barrick Gold is another mining company in the top list. It deals with its projects in the famous city of Toronto in Canada. Precious Metals are extracting targets. Among them, gold is a significant one. With 42.2% rate, it has made a strong position in the market. A yearly income of 22.67 billion USD shows its success in this field.
  6. Anglo American: A British company has made its position in mining business. It is Anglo American. Though the name seems to be an American company, it is a British company standing in London, United Kingdom. The mining objects are diversified. It has changing capability of 3.5%. 21.28 billion US dollars prove its worth in the mining field.
  7. Freeport-McMoRan: The 11th position goes to the Freeport-McMoRan company. This is another successful mining company in Phoenix, United States. It normally deals with the Base Metals. The organization changed about 28.0% in 2017. It has been successful to earn 19.21 billion USD this year which is a huge amount.
  8. Hindustan Zinc: Hindustan Zinc is an Indian mining company that stood 12thin the world and 2nd in India. The company’s base is located in Udaipur, India. Base Metals are the main dealing elements found in mines. However, 57.9% change rate in a year has brought huge success for this group. The good news is it has earned an USD of 18.95 billion.
  9. Newmont Mining: A prosperous mining company is Newmont Mining. Denver in United States is the main operating place of it. It mainly collects and progress Precious Metals. It has made a change rate of 27.5% which is not low. However, 18.03 billion USD proves its success.
  10. Polyus: Another successful mining company is Polyus. Its head office is in Moscow in Russia. This company mainly works on Precious Metals. It has a notable change rate of 16.7%. However, the earning amount of 17.34 billion USD is surely an envious amount.
  11. Fortescue Metals: Fortescue Metals Group is the best mining company in Australia. It has earned the 15th position in world ranking. The major works go on in the Perth, Australia. Iron Ore is the main and only material of this company. 142.2% changing rate is really amazing. This rate has made a very reputed position in the world. Beside, 14.68 billion USD is the proof of this progression.
  12. Potash Corp: Potash Corp is the first mining company in Canada. It has become 16th among the top companies. It has made the office in Saskatoon, Canada. The company mainly extracts Potash. However, 0.1% is its change rate which is not good. It has made USD 14.19 billion.
  13. Fresnillo: Fresnillo is the top mining group in Mexico City, Mexico. It also became 17 number company in the world. Precious Metals are its working elements. The change rate is 61.5% per year. The company has earned 14.06 billion USD this year.
  14. Newcrest Mining: The 18th place goes to Newcrest Mining. Its head quarter is in Melbourne, Australia it is the second top mining group in Australia. This group uses Precious Metals as component. However, 34.1% change rate is a recognizable number. It has been successful to earn 13.21 billion USD.
  15. Teck Resources: Teck Resources is another profitable mining company in Vancouver, Canada. The mining elements are diversified. Different metals are its working products. It has a praise-worthy change rate of 201.2%. It has succeeded to make USD 12.95 billion.
  16. Ma’aden: Saudi Arabia is not lagging behind in mining business. The most promising company is Ma’aden located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It deals with different elements. The change rate of this group is 43.7%. 12.71 US dollar is its notable yearly income.
  17. Goldcorp: Another developed mining company is Goldcorp. It deals with valuable metals. It works the major facts in Vancouver, Canada. The change rate of it is not so good which is -8.7%. But the income rate is good. It is 12.58 billion US dollar.
  18. Vedanta: Vedanta is a reputed mining company of India. It has its head office in Panaji, India. The elements are diversified as it works with various elements. The company has a great change rate of 203.5%. Moreover, it has earned a huge income of 12.08 Billion USD.
  19. Alrosa: Alrosa is one of the largest mining companies in Russia. It directs its works in Mirny, Russia. It mainly processes Diamond and that means the working product is valuable. However, the change rate is 32.2%. 12.08billion USD is its yearly earnings in 2017.
  20. Franco Nevada: Franco Nevadais another major company in mining fields. The main office of this company is in Toronto, Canada. Precious Metals are the main elements it works with. It has a low change rate of 8.2%. 11.69 billion USD shows the number of its income per year.
  21. South32: South32 is a reputed group that has made its place in mining business. The major works are done in Perth, Australia. It deals with different mining elements. The change rate of 93.1% is undoubtedly a great number. Last year 11.30 billion US dollar was its yearly income.
  22. China Coal Energy: China Coal Energy is another progressive mining company that has left its mark. The head quarter is situated in Chaoyang, China. This company collects Coal and makes it usable. 26.2% change rate is not a bad number. The company has made 10.40 USD in billions.
  23. Antofagasta: Antofagasta possesses the 27th position in mining business. It has made the head office in London. Base Metals are its working product. This group also has a worthy change rate of 79.1%. 10.28 billion USD proves the potentiality of this corporation.
  24. Zijin Mining: China has some renowned group in the world of mining. Zijin Mining obtained 28th place which is in Xiamen, China. It works on Precious Metals. 23.1% is the change rate of this company. The company has made 10.22 billion in USD last year.
  25. PeÐoles: Mexico has another reputed mining company named PeÐoles. It mainly completes its work in Mexico City. The company produces refined Precious Metals. It has an amazing progress rate of 119.5%. This year, it has gained USD 10.21 billion.
  26. Mosaic: At the 30th place, there is Mosaic that is a developed mining company. It has located its main office in Plymouth, United States. Potash is the major product of its working process. It has made a low rate of 7.1%. In 2017, US dollar 10.07 billion is the earning amount of it.
  27. China Molybdenum: Among the major companies, China Molybdenumin Luoyang City is a big one. It works on Base Metals for producing better metals. Its progress rate is 111.1% which is great. Besides, 9.91 billion USD is its income per year which is good.
  28. Agnico Eagle: Agnico Eagle is another reputed company of Canada. It has made its head office in Toronto, Canada. Precious Metals are its major subjects. With 20.4% progress rate, this company has made 9.86 billion US dollar this year.
  29. Uralkaliy: Uralkaliy mining company is another worthy group of Russia. Berezniki is its main working place. It deals with Potash. The change rate is not good which is -4.6%. The yearly earnings is 9.85 billion USD in 2017.
  30. Shandong Gold: Another Chinese developed group in mining is Shandong Gold. It does its works in Jinan. Precious Metals like gold and Diamonds are the major elements. The developing rate of 33.5% is not a bad number. 9.64billion US dollar shows its development in 2017.
  31. Silver Wheaton: Canada has some progressive companies in mining. Silver Wheaton is one of them. It is in 35th place. Vancouver has its head office. It mainly works on different Precious Metals and the Progressive rate of 27.6% is also a good one. It has gained USD 9.58 billion as its reward for hard work.
  32. SQM: Chile’s 2nd best mining company has obtained the position of 36 in world ranking. The name of this company is SQM. It is in Santiago, Chile. Lithium is its major element to work on. It has also a good progress rate. It is 66.2%. 9.13 billion USD shows its progress.
  33. Shaanxi Coal: Shaanxi Coal is one of the largest mining companies in China. And, it has been placed on 37. The office is in Xian. It works on the processing of Coal and the success rate of 43.2% proves that. However, the group has earned USD 8.95 billion this year which is praiseworthy.
  34. Sumitomo Metal Mining: Japan’s best mining corporation is Sumitomo Metal Mining. This company is on the 38th place. It has placed its head quarter in Tokyo, Japan and it refines and produces Base Metals. It has also a better progress rate of 43.6%. The yearly income of 8.25 billion USD shows its success clearly.
  35. Randgold Resources: Randgold Resources situated in Jersey, United Kingdom is the 39th mining company in world ranking. Precious Metals are the main components of this corporation. The success rate is low but not the least and it is 10.5%. This year, the company has earned US dollar of 8.21 billion.
  36. Boliden: The top company in the field of mining in Sweden is Boliden. Its head office is in Stockholm but it also works on Base Metals. However, it possesses 105.5% progress rate which is great. The amount of 8.15 billion USD proves its success.
  37. Jiangxi Copper: China has many developed mining groups. Jiangxi Copper is one of them. It has established its main office in Guixi City, China. Base Metals are its working products too. However, 35.7% progress rate reveals its success also. It has made USD 7.70 billion.
  38. First Quantum Minerals: Another progressive mining company is First Quantum Minerals. The 42ndcompany is in Vancouver, Canada. It also deals with Base Metals. The progress rate is 106.1% which is amazing and it has 7.21 billion USD made in 2017.
  39. Yanzhou Coal: One of the best companies in mining sector is Yanzhou Coal. It completes its official works in Zoucheng, China. Coal is its only dealing subject. However, with the success rate of 53.4%, it has earned 6.95 billion US dollar in this year.
  40. NMDC: NMDC is another successful mining company in India. It has made its position in the 44th place in ranking. Its main working place is situated in Hyderabad, India. However, the change rate is 36.5%. It has made USD 6.50 billion.
  41. China Northern Rare Earth: China has many mining corporations which are in the list of top 50. China Northern Rare Earth is one of them. Its head office is situated in Baotou, China. It works with the Rare Earth material. Though its change rate is -6.6%, it has made a success in earning USD 6.38 billion this year.
  42. Tianqi Lithium Industries: Another promising mining group is Tianqi Lithium Industries that completes its major works in Chengdu, China. Lithium is the only element to deal with for this company. Though its progress rate is not so good and it is -2.2%, the amount earned in 2017 is USD 6.23 billion.
  43. Turquoise Hill Resources: Canadean mining companies have progressed a lot. Turquoise Hill Resources has made its position on 47th place in ranking. It has its head quarter in Vancouver. It works on Base Metals and the progress rate is also good with the rate of 22.0%. However, it made 6.20 billion USD which is very good.
  44. Anglo American Platinum: It is a South African company succeeded to place itself in 48th position. The name is Anglo American Platinum and located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Precious Metals are the processing components for this company. However, it has a low change rate of -14.8% but earned 6.05 billion USD this year so far.
  45. KGHM: At the 49th position, there is KGHM. It is the top mining group of Poland. Its head office is in Lubin. It also deals with Base Metals. With a high success rate of 55.0%, it has gained US dollars 5.95 billion.
  46. ICL Israel Chemicals: The last one of the top 50 mining companies is ICL Israel Chemicals. It is the most promising group of Israel. Its main office is in Tel Aviv, Israel. Potash is the only working material of this company. However, the change rate is -1.6% and it is not good. On the other hand, it has earned 5.43 billion USD which is great.

Other Largest Mining Companies

There are other mining companies that have succeeded to earn higher positions. But they are not listed in the largest mining companies in the world because they are not allowed to pass the information. Codelco group of Chile is a giant company, Uzbekistan’s Navoi is another one. It is the largest company of gold mine. There are other large companies like Eurochem. It is one of the biggest potash firms. Trader Trafigura is the top uranium producer. Kazatomprom is also a huge one. But these companies could not be placed in the top 50.

Mining companies do a worthy job of processing the valuable elements of the earth. They contribute to the economy to a large extent. Besides, the natural sources are the unique components that can be found nowhere. So, it is a huge work. And, the largest mining companies in the world do the most portion of the whole. So, their work should be honest and safe.

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