Which the Largest Mining Equipment in the World (Expert Review)

The largest mining needs largest mining equipment. Mining equipment is very much familiar to a mining industry. There are a lot of mining companies in the world. These corporations need trucks, draglines, bulldozer, excavator and so on.  All the equipment are giants. However, without these machines, the mining work is impossible. In this article, I am going to show you a list of the giant mining equipment in the world.

The largest mining equipment

The biggest mining company is powerful for its largest mining equipment. Most of the equipment of mining company is large. Now get familiar with some of them.

Bucket wheel excavator

Bucket wheel excavator has been used for the past century for mining purpose. Before wheel excavator, people use the combination of some machine such as spreaders, heap letch, conveyor belts, crushing stations and so on. But when bucket wheel excavator came, it brought a revolution.

The largest mining equipment in the world is the Bagger 293.  It is 35 feet tall, and the length is 738.2 feet. However, the weight is 31.3 million pounds. It is really massive! To operate this machine, you need five people. It can move more than 8 million cubic feet soil per day. Miners use this type of machine for surface mining such as cleaning the ground. Bagger 293 was built in 1995. The first one was made in Germany. Then the biggest BWEs was built in 1990 and called Bagger 293. Developers are now trying to build the electrical bucket wheel excavator.

Hydraulic shovel: the CAT 6090FS

It is one of the essential mining equipment. Mining companies use Hydraulic Shovel to cut rocks, stones, break concrete, drill a hole in the ground and some other purpose. However, the largest shovel is made by CAT and known as CAT 6090FS with the capacity of 52 cubic meters. The Terex RH400 is another monster digger that is a conventional equipment in the world. The weight of this machine is 980 tonnes. The max power of it is 3360kW. But CAT 6090FT is the largest according to its capacity.

Haul Truck

BelAZ 450 tonne 75710 is the largest haul track in the world. It comes with 25 percent larger than the next model. The truck contains 16-cylinder, four cycle MTU engines with 2300 horsepower to make the speed of 64 km. Besides, it contains eight wheels with the same size. It has the square two-axle setup. Besides, the turning radius of it is about 20 meters. However, it can carry 450 metric tons. The fuel consumption is 198 g/kWh for each engine. It is not the older one. In 2016, it comes to the market.

D-575A-3 Super Dozer (SD)

Komatsu D-575A SD is the largest bulldozer. Mining companies used it for breaking something. However, it started operation in 1991. The scale of this machine is 152.6 tonnes. Besides, it can move 70 cubic meters with the standard blade per pass. But the optional blade increased its capacity that allows you to move 100 cubic meters per pass. However, it is 4.88 meters high, 12.5 meters long and 7.3 meters wide. It was manufactured by Komatsu Ltd. in Japan in 1991. Now the companies of the USA, Canada, Australia are the users of this machine.

The LeTourneau L-2350 wheel loader

The LeTourneau L-2350 is a giant wheel loader. It also holds the record of Guinness World Book. The operational weight of loader is 234 tonnes, and the power of it is 1715 kW. However, it is able to carry 65 tonnes load in 40 cubic meters bucket. Besides, it can carry more material with the 53.50 cubic bucket. It is the machine from the American manufacturer LeTourneau Inc.

Dragline, Bucyrus 4250-W

It is the largest mining equipment for the coal mine in the world. We also call it Big Muskie. Bucyrus 4250-W is the largest machine with a single bucket. It cost $159 million and tool two years to complete. However, the weight of this machine is 12 000 tonnes, and the capacity of the bucket is 170 cubic meters. The height of it is 67.82 m, wide is 46.18 m and length is 94 m. However, it is an electric machine and powered by 10466kW DC electric motors. Besides, it needs 13,800 volts to work. But the company stopped it for the cost of electricity and efficiency issues in 1991 because this issue made the machine unprofitable to use. Then it was broken down in 1999. The company used it in the USA from 1969 to 1991. In this 22 years working time, it removes over 608,000,000 cubic yards.

Bertha (tunnel boring machine)

Tunnel boring machine is very essential for a mining company. Bertha is the Japanese machine. It was made in 2013 and began its work on 30 July 2013. In December 2013, it halted 1083 feet into a planned 9,270 feet long tunnel for an unexpected obstacle. So, everybody thought that Bertha had got damaged for the problems of some blades. After two years, a pit was dug in order to get the machine for repair. Then it again started working in December 2015. But again, unfortunately, it was stopped in 2016.


Crusher is the equipment for making the large rock into smaller rocks. Most of the companies use cone crushers because it reduces carbon emissions. Lokotrack LT200 is the largest mining crusher in Metso. It is a cone crusher that’s capacity is 2.268 tonnes for every hour. The length of it is 64 feet; width is 11.5 feet and height is 12.5 feet. There is a 27 cubic hopper with this machine. A mine of Khazakistan bought his machine. As it is fully mobile crusher, it is easy to move it here and there.

To start a mining company it needed a lot of equipment. Most of this equipment is really big. They are costly too. I provide here the largest mining equipment that is used in different time around the world. They are the giants. Bagger 293 bucket wheel excavator is known as the monster of the mining industry. These equipments amaze us.

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