Personal Injury Lawyers In USA (Top 10 Reviews)

Personal injury is the legal term, which means physical injury, emotional shock, or property damages. The term is mostly relevant to Tort Law, where this term is described at large. However, personally injury may occur by negligence, intentionally or recklessly. A person can claim for personal injury against a person or any entity.

Basically, the injury’s claim is monetary losses, including medical expenses, property losses, compensation, etc. Apart from this, in the USA, thousands of personal injury lawyers in this profession. Who helps people to rebuild their lives after getting compensation from the court. There are many law firms around the USA, and lots of attorneys are working the firms.

Few attorneys practice only this sector, and few attorneys practice more than one sector of law. In this article, we will share the top 10 personal injury lawyers in the USA. Who have higher education, experience, reputation for taking personal injury cases.

10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers In The USA

Introducing America’s best lawyers who have become the legend of landmark cases of personal injury. They are the witnesses to a jury verdict of significant cases. Besides, they are well established and have a reputation for taking this type of case.

Here, we have picked the best lawyers among thousands of lawyers. So, have a glance at the personal injury lawyers below:

Brian Panish

Mr. Brian Panish is America’s one of the famous personal injury and wrongful death lawyers. He is the attorney of Panish Shea and Boyle LLP. Even he is the leading attorney of the country. He has the record victory of the General Motors v Anderson case around $4.9 billion.

Besides, he won thirty cases of personal injury, wrongful death, accident, etc. which is worth $10 million. He also won around two hundred and fifty cases and many out of court settlements of $1 million. He is exceptional compared with other attorneys in California. He has a vast knowledge of tort lawsuits, and his expertise is good enough to handle this type of case.

Currently, he is handling various cases, including the Asiana Flight case. As he is a top attorney in the country, many organizations recognize and honor him in many awards. Some of the appellations are:

  • Best Litigator of 2016
  • Best Lawyers of 2016.
  • Top 25 accuser Lawyers.
  • Robert E. and Cartwright Sr. Award

Moreover, he is the Inner Circle of Advocate’s member and was the President of ABOTA in 2011. A successful student at the Trial Lawyers Institute of USA.


Mr. Panish adopted the law degree and Honorary Doctor both from Southwestern Law Institute. Then he received a B.S degree from CSU Fresno. Where he achieved the Athletic Award. Now he works on behalf of clients in entire Southern California, Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles.

Landmark Cases

  • General Motors v Anderson- $4.9 Billion.
  • Tobacco Industry v LA County- $3.3 Billion.
  • Caterpillar v Griggs-$58 Million.
  • Courrege v Sherman- $25.5 Million.
  • San Francisco v Dominguez- $27 Million.

Carol Forte

Ms. Carol is a leading lawyer in New Jersey who is especially efficient in handling medical malpractice cases. She was nominated super lawyer in 2005 until 2016 in the area of medical negligence. Besides, she was designated as a top 10 attorney among male and female attorneys in NJ in 2010 and 2018-2020.

Even New Jersey Monthly Magazine announced her as number one attorney in New Jersey. However, her prior knowledge and experience in the nursing profession have helped much in medical negligence. She helps legally the women whose treatment of breast cancers weren’t diagnosed.

Moreover, she handles the cases of cervical cancers that weren’t diagnosed timely. And much more medical negligence related cases were handled by Ms. Carol. The area she serves legally are:

  • Personal Injury.
  • Road Accidents.
  • Workplace Accident.
  • Medical Malpractice.
  • Construction Accident.
  • Drug Injuries.
  • Defective Products.
  • Premises Liability.

Landmark Cases

The cases that Ms. Carol handled and won on behalf of a plaintiff. In a case where parents lost their twin babies due to brain damages worth $12,682,500. other cases where a patient’s delivery was late settlement was. $8,000,000, product liability litigation settlement was $5,000,000 etc.


Ms. Carol has been recognized by many forums and organizations for her contribution in legal areas. She serves not as a legal advisor but also as a social worker. Her awards are:

  • 2003 Substance Award- by Seton Hall Women Law Forum.
  • 2002 Attorney Award- by Bar Association of Essex.
  • 2015 Gerald Connor Award- by NJ Association.
  • 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award- by NJ Law Journal.

Irvin Cantor

Mr. Irvin Cantor is a dedicated and super lawyer in the field of personal injury, product liability, and medical malpractice. He had been nominated top10 super lawyer in Virginia from 2012 to 2016. He mainly handles the cases of wrongful death, accident, and medical negligence.

In his career a total of 1750 cases verdict has gone in favor of his client. Which includes 450 brain injury lawsuits. Even he has settlements of $1million in a case of personal injury throughout the USA.

The judgment of Irv’s cases is used to solve other claims now. He usually works in the legal area of personal injury and wrongful death as an arbitrator and mediator.

Other Work

Mr. Irvin Cantor is the President and founder of the Jury Impressions legal consulting company. Which provides the services of arranging mock trials, focus groups etc for other trial lawyers. Moreover, he has written as a co-writer a book with J. Samuel Johnston.

However, Mr. Irvin Cantor is involved in other legal professions as well. He is the lecturer in Virginia and the entire USA, which delivers valuable speeches to other lawyers. His subjects of the lecture are brain injury, accident, personal injury, etc.

Furthermore, traumatic injury litigation has possessed a vast area of his practice. He has been involved in the case of Traumatic injury for more than 35 years. He explained about this subject in a medical book. In 2015 Mr. Irvin Cantor was featured in a magazine with his life and career history.

James Scime

James Scime is acknowledged as one of the most skilled and experienced attorneys in the New York State of America. He usually takes cases related to personal injury, medical negligence, accident, product liability, wrongful death, etc. He dedicates most of his professional time on litigation and trial matters.

Besides, he is the senior in this legal profession both by age and experience. His peers respect him and his negotiation skill and style handling cases, followed by his juniors. In his entire profession, Mr. Scime helped lots of people and victims by providing legal aid.

He helped them to get the financial reward from the court that they had deserved. Even many attorneys still now refer to Mr. Scime to handle critical cases of personal injury.

Member Of The Associations

Mr.Scime is involved with many organizations and associations and working with this legal profession. He is the senior partner of Lipsitz Green Cambria and a senior member of the Management Committee. However, other organization he is the members are:

  • Trial Advocacy of American Board.
  • Lawyers Association of Western NY.
  • Erie County Bar Association.
  • Ex-president of Buffalo Chapter Member.

He mainly serves legal aid in the NY state of the USA. He was recognized as a super lawyer from 2007 to 2020. Apart from this, becoming a lawyer, he completed his legal study from Capital University. After completing his bar exam, he started his practice in 1976.

John Phelps

John Phelps’s birthplace and he was raised in Brookland in Arkansas state and. Mostly he works for defendants, and in some cases, he works for plaintiffs as well. It’s challenging and hard to win cases for defendant lawyers.

But he obtained success helping defendants parties in his career. He usually practices in the area of civil jury litigation. He designated the best defense award in 2011. Moreover, he has been with Trial Advocates of the American Board for 25 years.


Mr. John Phelps completed his graduation from State University of Arkansas on Arts in 1969. Then he completed Juris Doctorate from Memphis University in 1972, a law school. He practiced at this university for a couple of years. His childhood dream was to be an attorney and help people in the legal area.

Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury.
  • Products Liability.
  • Construction Law.
  • Traffic Accident.
  • Torts
  • Professional Litigation

Member Of The Associations

  • Bar Association of American.
  • Bar Association of Arkansas.
  • Bar Association of Tennessee.
  • American Board of Trial Advocates
  • Bar Association of Craighead County.
  • Fellow, Trial Lawyers of International Academy.
  • Senior Fellow, American Litigation Counsel.


  • America’s Best Lawyers (Personal Injury).
  • Lawyer of the Year 2019.
  • Super Lawyers of Mid-South.
  • Superb Defense Attorney.
  • The Lawdragon Leading Lawyers in the USA.

Joseph Cotchett

Joseph Cotchett is considered the Country’s foremost lawyer who works both for defendants and plaintiffs stated by the Law National Journal. He is an influential lawyer in the country among the top 100 lawyers.

Even he is recognized by his peers as the super lawyer. His interest is the legal area of civil defense, high stakes, class action, and personal injury. There is a record in his career to win two cases on the same day. He is the most talented and brave attorney. He has no fear of speaking out harsh truth in the court.However, in his more than forty-five years of career, he handled over a hundred cases and settled a hundred cases worth millions of dollars.

Association Member and Award

Mr. Joseph Cotchett received the Jurisprudence Award of Anti-Defamation League in 1996. This award used to be nominated for those who manifest humanitarian concerns. Previously he was a member of the Heart Association of San Mateo. He was the former president of the San Mateo Club. The other association he was a member:

  • Peninsula Association.
  • Disability Rights.
  • Meadows Foundation.
  • EarthJustice.
  • Public Citizen.

Mark Lanier

Mark Lanier is considered one of the best civil attorneys in the USA. He is the most experienced and efficient lawyer in the areas of product liability and personal injury. In his 30 years career, he has handled the most challenging litigation. He is the witness of the historic jury verdict of his case.

He is also successful in representing his client in the other area of litigation, such as breach of contract, fraud, and business matters. This has brought a $20 billion jury verdict in career.

Professional Activities

He presented many seminars and programs being a legal lecturer among juniors. He shares the critical area of law from his knowledge through lectures. Even he goes to law school among students and is invited by many organizations. He often attains many business and news programs being a special guest.


Mr. Mark Lanier took his Juris Doctorate certificate from a Law School Texas Tech University. In 2005 he was selected as a distinguished alumnus in the same university. Currently, he is the member and serves the foundation of law school.


  • Best Lawyers Award 2006 to 2020.
  • Super Lawyers of Texas.
  • Top Trial Lawyers.
  • Top National Tier Ranking.
  • Texas Super Lawyers.
  • Houston Lawyer (Product Liability) 2020.

Mark Robinson Jr.

Mark Robinson is the establisher, shareholder, and partner of Robinson Calcagnie in California. He graduated with a B.A from Stanford University and cum laude in Loyola Law School. His practice areas are personal injury, product liability, accidents. His landmark cases are:

  • General Motors v Anderson- $4.9 billion.
  • Merck v Barnett-$51 million.
  • Hyundai v Ketchum-$15 million .
  • Nissan v Oliver- $9 million.
  • General Motors v Siu- $9 million.
  • Ford v Fair- $12 million.

He not only involves legal litigation but also is a member of many organizations and serves on the legal committee. He received numerous awards in his life and honored from people. His debate on any litigation and dedication helps many victims to settle their life.


  • The Best Lawyers Awards in America.
  • President of the CAOC.
  • Super Lawyers Awards in 2014.
  • Top 100 Lawyers Awards in California.
  • Most Influential Lawyers Awards in California.

Professional Work

Mr. Robinson has written many books and articles based on tort law. He also was an author of Products Liability matters: Clark Boardman, Product Studies, and Toxic Torts. He was the president of ABOTA.

Thomas Girardi

Widely recognized by juniors and his peers and with almost fifty years of skill and experience in this profession. He is the attestor of a billion-dollar case settlement. He handles litigation regarding wrongful death, product liability, commercial litigation, insurance, toxic torts, personal injury, etc.

He achieved the prestigious honor as an inducted in the Hall of Trial Lawyer in 2003. He was a member and former president of Trial Lawyers of International Academy. Even he was the first lawyer appointed to the California Council. However, he won many cases in his career and made a record of cases. His landmark cases are:

  • $785 million- personal injury case.
  • $45.5 million- product liability case.
  • $1 million-medical malpractice.

In his entire career of the legal profession, he has got over 30 jury verdicts worth one million. He handled the out of court settlement, which was worth one million or more. In 1970 he won the first medical malpractice case in California.

Ben Rubinowitz

Ben Rubinowitz made his position of the legal profession through his outstanding skill and dedication to work. He is one of the extraordinary plaintiff attorneys in the USA. Mr. Ben represents the clients in the area of medical malpractice, personal injury, civil rights, product liability, and wrongful death.

He has got around two hundred cases’ final verdict, which worth $1,000,000. He has gained record in cases for his plaintiff. In his recent three cases, he won Million of dollars damages for his clients.

Professional Work

On the other hand, he also lectures and contributes to Trial Advocacy of the National Institute. In many law institutes, he delivers his valuable speech to share knowledge. Even he is the author of 80 articles published by the NY Journal.


Mr. Ben was voted four times a lawyer of the year in the past ten years. Ben was selected as a superlawyer in the past 15 years. For Trial Practice, he received the Prentice Award and Robert Keeton Award.

What To Look For In A Personal Injury Attorney

There are more than ten thousand lawyers on personal injury law in the entire USA. The common merit we find is education and experience. But there are other factors which should be considered carefully.

Before going to an attorney, we should ask ourselves a few questions. After finding all the answers, we should choose an attorney. The question is the same for all types of lawyers. The questions are:

  • Does the lawyer have the license as a lawyer?
  • How long has the lawyer been in the profession?
  • How long has the lawyer been practicing a particular area of law?
  • How is the public review about the lawyer?
  • How many cases has he won since now?
  • What is the educational background of the lawyer?
  • How does he charge his fees for handling any case?
  • Could you bear the lawyer’s fees?

One should know all the details before hiring an attorney. An attorney must have professionalism, as well. Besides, know their method of taking fees. Some lawyers offer no win no fees services. Even the fess varies according to the areas of the law they are handling. After knowing all information about the lawyer, one should hire the lawyer.


What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury means bodily harm caused by accident, negligence, slip, and fall, etc. It is legal terminology. A person can take legal steps for facing or against personal injury.

What Causes Personal Injury?

Personal injury may arise in many ways. It can be caused by traffic accidents (bus, truck, car, etc.), the most common reason. Other reasons are medical negligence(medical malpractice), workplace negligence, slip, and fall (in a public place), etc.

What Is The Type Of Person Injured?

Personal injury does not affect the body only. It affects a person’s mind, as well. For example, a person can have emotional distress, fear due to traffic accidents with or without injury to his body. So, fear, nervous shock, emotional distress, etc also included personal injury.

What Can A Victim Claim For Personal Injury?

A victim claim for monetary losses for personal injury. Whatever losses the victim faces for accidents, the opposite party or defendant will compensate for everything.

The monetary losses include:

  • Insurance claim.
  • Loss of employment.
  • Uncertainty of the future.
  • Property damage.
  • Loss of income.
  • Medical expenses: injury and emotional distress for both.

What Is The Time Limitation For Claiming A Personal Injury Case?

Every country has a time period for case files of personal injury. After a certain time period, the claim cannot be brought for compensation. In the UK it is for three years. In the USA, a person can claim after six months if he feels physically not well for the accident he had. In California, it is a two years time limitation.

How Do Lawyers Work In The Case Of Personal Injury?

Well, for handling a case and compensation, everyone seeks help from a lawyer. Basically, their work is to collect all information and data related to the case. They look for the Act of statutes where the victim can depend on claiming damages and justice. Then they present all the documents to judge.


Lawyers are the lifesaver who fights for justice and brings uprightness for a victim. When everything is opposite for a person, lawyers are the last hope there. A lawyer goes to the root of a case, investigates, and fights in a court. So, it is better to seek help from an attorney before involving any dispute.

However, anyone who needs a lawyer for personal injury in the USA, search them according to region or state. Every state has a law firm, and there must be personal injury lawyers. Even one can select a lawyer from our list of top 10 personal injury lawyers in the USA.

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