Free Virtual Online Mobile Number Using SMS Verification
Current Date:July 28, 2021
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Free Virtual Online Mobile Number Using SMS Verification

Virtual Online Mobile Number is the most essential to verify the identity without expressing yourself. It lets you fulfill all the requirements in many websites such as Amazon, WeChat, eBay, Baidu, Yuilop, Uber, google, etc.  by verifying the authentication. It also allows you to access the code of the mobile number of the country like USA, UK, Canada, France, etc. for various purposes. So, you can easily access premium services of the websites though you live in another country. Here, in this article, you will get to know about Virtual Mobile Number and the way how to use it.

What is Virtual Online Mobile Number?

Online Mobile Number is a service of the respective service provider who lets us use the phone number free of cost. They let us send or receive SMS and even to call to the other users. Sometimes the users of the specific service providers can call over the real phone by using the virtual phone.

A virtual phone number is needed in many ways. As far, it lets you access many websites like eBay, Amazon, WeChat, Baidu, WePay, Gumtree, etc. by verifying the phone number. Because many of these websites don’t support many other countries. So, the users of those countries have to use a Virtual Online Mobile Number to verify the identity.

On the other hand, it lets you fill in the demand in necessary if you lose your real phone. you may lose the phone, or the phone may not work well some times.

In some other cases, it is forbidden upon to the people in many places to carry any profiling or trendy device such as mobile phone. But you can take a laptop with you. So, Virtual Mobile Number is a must there to help you.

Some things to keep in mind when you are using a virtual online mobile number. First of all, never use the virtual number for your banking purposes. Secondly, keep yourself safe by not giving any real information of you to the service provider. It is better to avoid the service what requires authentication.

Last but not least in number, always avoid the service provider who takes a quite long time to activate the service though it is free of cost.

How to get Virtual Online Mobile Number?

Hundreds of service providers are available for the virtual mobile number. But the following duos are the prominent and most reliable in service so that you can use them tension free.

Text Now

Text Now is the most used virtual number for the recent time.  it has introduced a next generation wireless phone that requires only Wi-Fi or mobile data. As a result, the demand and popularity of the phone are increasing day by day. For example, only for last week, about 200000 new users signed up for the Virtual Online Mobile Number.

Firstly, Text Now is completely free for the users with cool features, but you can upgrade it later. The cool feature of the app is that it provides a single number for all the devices you have. It has available versions for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac OS.

To get the virtual number, just go to the website from your computer or open the app on your iPhone or Android. Sign up with your email and verify it by clicking on the verify message getting in the inbox. That’s all. You can now use the number on different websites for SMS verification.

SMS receive free

SMS receive free is a website that lets you use a virtual number in the country USA, UK, and Canada. The most promising feature of the website is that it doesn’t require any personal information to use the Virtual Online Mobile Number. Also, the number is disposable after 24 four hours, so you have to use it before the number is invalid.

It supports different languages, and furthermore, it is completely free of cost now and will be, as the authority says. The company doesn’t store your data for any additional use so feel free to use it.


Finally, the virtual mobile number can keep you safe from unwanted threats or problems. But, you can carry out the demands of you as they need. Safety of yourself in the virtual world mostly depends on you. So, keep using Virtual Online Mobile Number where you can use. I think Text Now is still the best virtual phone number to carry out the demands of you.  By the way, feel free to comment on what kind of Virtual Mobile Number you use. Keep sharing the post to the social networks.

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