10 Trusted Cheap Web Hosting Provider Bangladesh

My blogging career had come to an end last year at once. But, I was sure that I have no guilt in this aspect. So, what had been happened? I came to know the fact, and also got astonished. My web hosting provider put the end of the service without letting me the fact before. So, I had to find out another hosting provider who must have skill and experience. After experimenting a lot and talking with the other internet entrepreneurs, I have made a list of trusted and cheap web hosting providers. Here, you can know the best, trusted and cheap web hosting provider Bangladesh.

10 Trusted Cheap Web Hosting Provider Bangladesh

Hundreds of website hosting providers are available in Bangladesh. Here, I have picked 10 Trusted Cheap Web Hosting Providers Bangladesh who has the reputation in this field. Also, they have the best customer support that is an essential in this service.

Web Host BD

WebHost BD is one of the prominent hosting providers in Bangladesh. They have various plans for hosting the website starting from TK 1000 to TK 7000. The overall 8 plans include the necessary things for a website. In addition, with the 99.9% uptime guarantee, you’ll get customer supports for anytime.

Hosting Bangladesh

Hosting Bangladesh can give you the best service with in the cheap rate compared to others. They have three category service includes the newest to the experts and professionals. The starter pack starts at TK 400 only per year with three layers of supports. You can visit them by hostingbangladesh.com.

Extreme Solutions

Extreme Solutions is a major domestic company for providing hosting for the website. They have extremely better windows support alongside with the Linux based website hosting. The package starts at the rate of TK 1000 Per year with the premium 24/7 customer supports. You can reach them by visiting web-hosting-bd.com.

BD Webs

BD webs have an exceptional monthly package for hosting the website. They have the package of the TK150/Month package to host the website for shared hosting. I think it is a better option for many entrepreneurs who want the website to experiment something. Have a visit on www.bdwebs.com.

BD Web Services

BD Web Services has the dedicated servers located in the USA, Canada, and EU. So, it can give the 99.9% uptime guarantee with the full-time customer support. The cheap package starts at $12 per year. You can also host as many sites as you can in your hosting. Reach them on www.bdwebservices.com.

Boss Host BD

Boss Host BD is one of the most popular Web Hosting Provider Bangladesh. They have the superior customer support from the WordPress specialist. You can get your money back unless you are unsatisfied with the services. The hosting price for one website is TK 2500 per year for the basic though you can upgrade the pro package. You can have a look on bosshostbd.com.

Host Bangla

Host Bangla is a reliable web hosting provider Bangladesh. They have three packages such as shared hosting, VPS Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. The minimum price for the hosting is TK 1000 per year with the opportunity of upgrading to the pro service. Visit them on hostbangla.com.

BD Server Hosting

BD Server Hosting provides one of the cheapest rates for hosting the website. Now, you can start your website by paying only TK 395 per year with all the facilities available. The package has a guarantee for money back if you are not satisfied with the service. The offer includes many other SEO tools available with free of cost.


Eicra is an exceptional web hosting prover in Bangladesh.The company has many server packages for different users such as Linux server, windows server, apps server, Cloud and Dedicated Server. The price for Windows server is TK 600 per Year and for the Linux user is TK 300 Per year only.

Host SBS

Host SBS is one of the best web hosting provider Bangladesh. The company has the reputation of serving the customers with the responsibility until the problem is solved. The minimum price of the hosting for a website is TK 800 per year with all the available facilities. You can have a visit on hostsbs.com.

Latest Update: Host SBS Close Hosting Business.


Finally, your web hosting is as important as the other elements of the sites. Mismanagement in hosting can lead all your efforts to go in vain. So, thanks, many times for hosting your site to any service provider. But I can ensure you that the web hosting provider Bangladesh listed in the above makes you happier. So, what are you thinking about hosting your site?

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